Jill Zarin Episode 8 Extended Blog

I want to start by thanking all of you for your kind support of my step daughter Jennifer Zarin, following last weeks episode. Please "Like" The Birthmark Project on Facebook. She is really connecting to so many of you who have shared your own "Birthmark" stories. After spending a busy week getting Ally ready for her Summer vacation and getting Bobby and I ready to go to the Hamptons, watching myself and the other ladies in Morocco seems like such a long time ago. But I will tell you, it was the "trip of a lifetime" in so many ways. The Riad we stayed in was absolutely fabulous. Kelly was right when she said it was "warm and luminous." I should have realized it was a sign of things to come when the blondes and the brunettes arrived separately. Did you notice the difference in the two arrivals? When Cindy, Luann, Kelly and I arrived, we were happy, excited and extremely impressed with our surroundings. But in watching the blondes arrive all I heard was a lot of criticism and complaining, mainly by Ramona. Alex seemed humiliated by some of the things she said regarding the poverty and the people. I felt so sorry for the driver who had to listen. One wonders where the term " Ugly American" comes from. Why would Ramona think Luann of all people would ever get us a house that wasn't 5 star magnificent? How funny or ridiculous was it (depending upon how you look at it) that Ramona emailed Luann a list of "needs" that included sheets, hand weights and Pinot Grigio? Don't they have wine in Morocco? I am still not sure whose trip it was. It seemed to me Luann did all the planning, at least that is what I saw when we got there, but Ramona has said Sonja planned it too. If so, why complain to Luann? You have Sonja to get your "list" filled. I have hosted more guests than I can count over the last 20 years in my vacation homes and NO ONE ever asked me for 600 count sheets, down pillows and free weights (5 pounds each). Even Andy Cohen couldn't believe the "rider" that Ramona demanded before she would go on the trip. The crew all snuck in bottles of Pinot. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. I knew it wouldn't be long for the first bit of drama and it wasn't. Someone took Cindy's hangers. It may sound funny but Cindy was more angry at the pettiness of it than anything else. But what I truly love about Cindy is how quickly she is to confront such behavior. When she heard the girls talking about her she was on it in a flash. Watching it back, I am still surprised at just how separate the blondes chose to stay on the trip. I felt bad for Luann. She tried so hard to make it a happy, bonding trip for all of us. What I don't understand is that with all of the complaining about what Morocco looked like, why were they so quick to get out of the house? We all waited for them to arrive so we could have lunch together. Sonja told me they were going to get their hair. Why did they lie? If they were going to a famous hotel, why wouldn't they share that with us and invite us too? We wanted to see the hotel also but waited for them to arrive.They drew a line in the sand the minute they got there. This was supposed to be a friends trip to be together. We didn't need to be attached at the hip but it wasn't nice and not a good way to start the trip by separating from the group. The cameras were not allowed at the hotel and they knew it. Production was really angry that they just took a car and left. I would have left earlier to go shopping instead of waiting for them if I had known. We had an incredible time shopping. The clothes, jewelry, everything was so unique. I had told Brad that we were going to be in Morocco and I was excited that he would be there while we were. It was very generous of him to invite us all to a party. I felt bad about what I said. I love Brad but he does exaggerate and I admit it gets to me sometimes. We all wanted a tour and if he just told me he couldn't because it was a bed and breakfast it would have been fine. Instead he said everyone was sleeping. It was no big deal and I adore him. He can't stand Ramona and it was nice of him to let me bring her. He has told me some of the things she has done to him, things would make your skin crawl. The fortune teller was incredible. She told me my mom is always with me and that I had a hard year last year and it would be a better year this year. She said I should keep doing what I am doing and that my weakness is my big heart. I cried. Everyone else (except Ramona) thought she was right on. It was eerie. When she spoke to Ramona, the mood changed immediately. Watch next week to see more on that. Ramona doesn't know anything about Bobby and my business. We have owned all the cars we have. Bobby has had over 10 Ferrari's including the yellow one that was seen on the show a few seasons ago. We have never denied selling our house or lied about renting it back from the owner, which by the way, we sold at the top of the market when we realized that we never use it in the winter. In fact, recently Ramona told me she thought we were so smart and that they should sell their house since they rarely use it in the winter. Ramona has had her house up for sale, although it didn't sell and rents out her house during the summer and stays with different friends. I didn't exaggerate anything and and don't appreciate the dig. Trust me, this is just the beginning of the Moroccan drama. Wait until you see the next two weeks! Until then, have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  You can find Skweez Couture on Facebook and @SkweezCouture on Twitter. 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