How to Perfect Your Guest Bedroom for Visitors

Ever since I was a little girl, having my friends over my house has been something I’ve absolutely loved. Giving my guests their very own space while they visit me is super important to me because I like for my friends to feel as comfortable in my home as they do in theirs! 

For today’s Tip Tuesday, here’s five cute ways to spruce up your guest bedroom and maximize your friends’ and family’s experience in your home:

  • Give them a beautiful bed.

A comfortable bed guarantees a comfortable stay for your guests! My favorite Shifman mattress coupled with chic, cozy bedding makes my guests feel right at home. 

  • Leave a surprise on their pillow.

I always leave a mini dark chocolate on my guests' pillows for a nighttime surprise!

  • Leave a welcome note. 
Give them all the information they need to know where to put things and keep your home orderly. 
  • Make room for their luggage. 

Simple tasks like creating a space for your guests' luggage or emptying a drawer for their items shows that their comfort is your top priority!

  • Finally, stock your fridge with their favorite snacks!

To me, this is the ultimate level of comfort. I know how I am with my own Diet Coke obsession, so it's always good to have your loved ones' favorite food and beverages on deck if they need! 

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