Help Ally raise money for Teens Turning Green?

l1010044 Here is where you can donate! From Ally: I am the Co-president of Teens Turning Green, a teen advocacy group which promotes a healthier lifestyle and a better future for us and our planet. We just embarked on a major grassroots fundraising campaign that runs until June 28th. Our goal is $4,000 from at least 50 donors. If we get there, we have a matching grant that will increase that amount. The campaign is being hosted on the Global Giving website and if we make $4,000 we are able to stay on their site and fundraise for one year. I am hoping that you might be willing to help us reach the goal and make a donation of any amount to Teens Turning Green. .A $5, $10, $20 donation would mean so much. Please spread the word, Every dollar counts! We are no #25 on the American Leadership Board. help me get to #1!!!Lets get to #1! Here is where you can donate! Love, Ally If you can spare $10 ...would you support Ally for the environment?