Jill Zarin is a well-known personality, having gained fame as an original cast member of Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City. Prior to that, Zarin had a successful career in the fashion and textile industry. Today, she is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and actress, leveraging her platform to pursue various endeavors.
With a natural flair for business, Zarin has expanded her design ventures in home decor and fashion. In 2016, she launched Jill Zarin Home Rugs, the first affordable luxury product category in her Jill Zarin Home collection. These stylish and affordable rugs are known for being pet-friendly and are available, alongside Jill Zarin Home Furniture  and Jill Zarin Home Tabletop and Accessories, in over 4000 stores nationwide.
In 2020, Zarin and her daughter Ally Shapiro launched Jill & Ally, a brand that focuses on spirituality and wellness. Alongside natural beauty tools made of crystals,  JillandAlly.com offers luxuriously scented crystal manifestation candles, including Amethyst, Opals and other semi-precious stones which are now sold online and in the finest stores and boutiques around the world. 
Currently residing in Florida and the Hamptons, Zarin oversees the growing product lineup and team for Jill Zarin Home and Jill & Ally from her home, which doubles as the company's headquarters. When not working, Zarin enjoys playing tennis, Pickleball and spending time with family and friends, and let's not forget her adorable Pomeranian, Bossi, who she loves spending time with.