Today was a GREAT day!

Have you ever had a great day? I did today. I had my first jewelry photo shoot with an amazing team that had the patience of a saint. It took me a little while to get in the groove but we finally got the results we wanted. It definitely takes a village. I couldn't do anything without my trustworthy and beautiful Sarah. She double checks that I don't forget anything as I am finding her glasses left in the taxi ( Just kidding Sarah)! Then tonight we celebrated Bobby's beautiful daughter Jennifer's birthday. Since she lived in SF for 6? years..we were never with her for her 30th so we re lived it tonight. I think I want to redo my 40th this year! I loved 40!!! It might have been my favorite! We had a "mentalist" come for entertainment. Have you ever seen one in person? This guy was so incredible. He knew was crazy...I highly recommend him and if I knew his name I would even share. Hah! Off to bed since it is 2:05AM. Big day tomorrow..CHAO for now...jill