My response to Radar Online….

I just saw a new posting on radar online, here is the link: Radar Online I have to admit that most of it is....TRUE! Shocking..I know. but...most of the questions I answered a long time ago from and older interview. I was asked but someone I can't mention..if I would be interested in coming back for a cameo. That is all I will say right now . I won't say when or by whom..actually , ironically it was more than one person. It is true that Bobby asked me not to come back. Actually that was reported in the NY POST on Page 6 in July 2011. We were overheard at a restaurant talking and he begged me not to go back on the show but to please quit. I NEVER told any one this but...I actually emailed some of the ladies and producers a goodbye letter, wishing them all well and why I wanted to leave while we were still on top. Maybe I will publish the email one day. But then I didn't quit. I will save that story for another day. The day I was fired..the phone started ringing and honestly hasn't stopped. For so many things. Over the past few months I have shared a few announcements and few have leaked out. I can confirm I will be part of Iron Chef America's Top 5 Moments in Kitchen Stadium History starting tonight at 10:30 on Cooking Channel. I think the comment about being a happy grandma was taken a bit out of context but is true. Do you like when I confirm whether a story is true or not true on my blog? Let me know what you think about everything. Should I have said yes? What would you have done? life has taken such a dramatic turn for the PREMIERE HSN Show is Friday Feb 10th at 9AM, 3PM and 8PM. It is on TIVO and you see the entire line on on Feb 10th. My first Limited collection of rings will be on sale tomorrow WEDNESDAY at 12 noon. If you want to receive a special first time discount offer BEFORE the site goes MUST sign up tonight at Did you like my taste on RHNYC? Then you will LOVE my rings..LOVE! On a budget? I have something for everyone starting at $28! Everything is wrapped beautifully. I can't wait till you see it! Xo From my closet to yours .. Jill PS Please sign up for my newsletter here on top right corner. My next one goes out tomorrow!