Jill Zarin Episode 10 Exclusive Blog

Hi everyone!

It is 100 degrees outside! It is August? I am really loving my time off and trying to reconnect with friends I haven't seen all winter. Last weekend Bobby's sister Zina and her husband came to visit us from Florida. We had a great time and went to a few BBQ's in the Hamptons. I went back to the city to see my friend Irina Dvorovenko in Lady of Camellias at the MET. I cried. It was a love story and Irina really brings all of her soul to each performance. We went backstage afterwards and she let me touch her stomach. She had just drank some water and it felt like an alien was trying to escape. She had danced intensely for 3 hours and her body was still recovering. I posted some photos on Twitter and Facebook. If you get a chance to be in NY on June 27th, she and her husband Maxim will dance Swan Lake. I can't wait to see them dance together!

This weekend I am hosting some of my girlfriends from Harpo/Oprah who were so generous and invited me and my family to see one of Oprah's final shows. They have never been to the Hamptons so I am obsessing over what to show them. I have spent the last week finalizing packaging for Skweez Couture. I can't decide which colors to go with and I hope I don't make any mistakes. I am going to Las Vegas this week for a trade show and then back to the Hamptons. Allyson comes home this weekend from Africa. I will post some of her photos in next weeks newsletter.

We very recently hit 50,000 newsletter subscribers. Thank you all so much. That 50,000th person was Debbie Clark from New Hampshire. She will be getting a phone call from yours truly!  Thank you all so much. The next goal is 55,000 and that person will receive a call as well.

I really wish I believed Ramona's feelings about our talk. I, along with many of you, thought it was an act and she has continued to lie about me in her blogs which shows the kind of person she really is. She hits below the belt and thinks it's ok. I can't listen to her continue to say she sometimes puts her foot in her mouth and thinks that it is alright to do so. Only to then throw stones at me if I say something she doesn't like. I really don't know what to do about our relationship at this point. I guess we'll see what happens at the reunion.

I don't see the chemistry between Alex and Ramona and I think that is also an act. More so on Ramona's part. I guarantee after the show ends, Ramona never sees Alex again. Sound familiar? You never see Bethenny tweet or talk about her "best friends" from last year, do you? I am real. If I want to be friends with you, it doesn't matter if there is a reality show or not, I will make an effort off camera. I see and/or speak to Cindy, Luann, Kelly and Sonja outside of the show. In my heart, we are friends. After Ramona and I "talked" it was was comforting to be able to have real friends to go to. Upon watching the episode I was amazed at Ramona's ability to turn on and off the water works virtually at will.

The scene when Alex walked in on Luann was so funny. Alex said Ramona was vulnerable and sad giving us the image of her crying upstairs and all the while Ramona and Sonja were laughing and sneaking out of the house. Ramona's pain over our fight didn't last long did it? Alex is desperately trying to insert herself into scenes and sometimes things don't make any sense. Her stomping into the room with full drama just didn't work. It came across as a bad entrance in a play. Just as Kelly said about Alex being Alexa again on stage at Northwestern. I actually feel sorry for her.

The exchanges between Alex and Kelly seemed like a role reversal of Scary Island. I know I have tried to have a relationship with Alex so when we film it is real. A producer told me about the fight while I was getting my poodle hair done and I had two choices. One was to go back to my room and shower the hair out, the other was to walk into the scene and help her. I chose the latter. At that point I was really trying to be nice to Alex and see if we could have a friendship. I know she felt better after I walked over. I know I did the right thing.

The trip to Morocco was truly amazing, from the Riad, the Souk, the camel ride to the tent in the desert, just to name a few. I want to thank Luann for being the hostess. I know we're not the easiest group! It was also nice to meet up with my dear friend Brad in such an amazing place. In midst of all the drama I have special memories that will live in my heart forever. I hope that all of you enjoyed watching these episodes and seeing the beauty and mystery of this exotic country.

I've included some of my personal photos from Morocco in this newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed seeing them.

Have a great weekend!