Jill at the Edition Georges Chakra fashion show

Edition Georges Chakra. By DANICA LO -  NYpost.com
Loud but lovable Real Housewife of New York Jill Zarin was mobbed by photographers and reporters at this morning’s Georges Chakra show — mostly because she’s the star of a reality series, but also because, well, she was the biggest celeb there. For spring-summer 2010, Edition Georges Chakra takes a handful of elementary ideas on fashion embellishment — an upturned collar here, a floaty rear drape there, some Swarovski crystals on the decollete and a bronze ring on the shoulder — and stitches them onto a series of pastel eveningwear pieces fit for a cartoon princess, Judy Jetson and Barbie. Chakra’s take on asymmetrical construction was surprising — half-rise rhinestone fixtures jutted up to the left of the neckline on more than a handful of dresses, adding jarring bulk to otherwise seamlessly draped and tailored foundations.