Interior Design Tips for a Small Living Room

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Struggling with ideas to make the best of your small floor plan? Sometimes we have to make do with what we have and get creative. When considering your small living room, take advantage of every inch, execute effective design techniques and incorporate storage that will save you loads of space! Follow these tips inspired by  and, to make the most of your space, no matter how small.

Embrace natural lighting. Take advantage of any natural lighting the space has to offer, making the room feel more open and airy. Regardless of how big your windows may be, choose lightly colored or sheer drapes to maximize the light you do have.

White Walls. Keeping in tune with the trend of natural and soft lighting, consider painting your walls white to create the illusion of a bigger, cleaner space. Also, this way you can make a piece of furniture your focal point, or statement piece without clashing colors.

Multipurpose room. When you’re lacking space, you’ve got to get creative. Consider combining two spaces into one! Living room and family room into a great room, or the home office and dining all into one! Combine each concept into one space but keep the utility of the space in mind, however, be careful not to overcrowd.

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Ottomans. With less space, think about substitutions that can accomplish the same job as traditional furniture. Instead of a coffee table that may take up a ton of room, consider using ottomans. This multi-purpose piece of furniture can be used as additional seating, book and tray holders, and when the time comes, a footrest!

Arranging Furniture. Steer away from the urge to push all your furniture against the wall. By creating space between walls and furniture, makes the room look wider than it actually is.

Mounted TV & Use of Wallspace. A living room isn’t a living room without entertainment. To save as much space as possible, mount your television on the wall vs. on a credenza, (eliminate entertainment centers that take space and also give the visual illusion of crowding a space). Televisions can also be mounted above the fireplace. Storage and display space such as bookshelves and desks can be wall mounted. By eliminating some of these elements, you free up floor space for necessary furnishings for seating and eating. 

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Large Rug. Choosing a larger rug in a bold pattern creates the illusion of a bigger room.  Rugs can stand as a staple piece to design the rest of the room around! Whether you already have carpet or hardwood floors, adding a large rug creates style, statement and a splash of color. Find the rug that is a perfect fit for you and your family at

Keep Things Linear. Try implementing linear and geometric prints. This gives a small space structure and the illusion of additional length and width!

Floating shelves. With minimal space, take advantage of every open nook and cranny. Try floating shelves for artwork, books, or cd’s. Keep them the same color as your wall for an even sleeker look.

Design at an angle. Are you bored of your basic living room layout? Get creative and tilt a few key pieces to change it up.

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