Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day. Ally graduated from college so it was extra special! I was trying to find something profound to say about Mother's and I came across a piece written by Chris London. I hope you like it. MOTHER.....is the most amazing word in the English language. Mine has since past but just the mention of that word conjures not just her beautiful face and smile but also the love and nuturing she provided, the memories she left with me which I will always treasure and the  great lessons she taught me along the way about hard work, respect and humanity; lessons which will apply until I follow her into the great beyond. When I have failed in lifeI somehow always managed to get back up because long before Rocky Balboa had Mickey in his corner, I had my mother in mine.
If you are a mother, know, accept and recognize that regardless of whether you always hear the right words or gestures from your children, implicitly they know what you represent and yet cannot fathom a life without you in it....even when they are angry at you.  We come to recognize that your role is more complex and that you may do things that we do not always understand at the time but when we are middle aged men.....we certainly do. I love....I feel ...I care and I move forward when I have doubts because of some lady who I called mom, 'Ma'  and mommy et al etc.
On this day, we are reminded how blessed were are by our mothers for the life that they have given us. BUT, if you are a mother you should recognize that no matter what you achieve or accomplish in life, "Mother" is the GREATEST Title that you will ever own. You are forever our Benevolent CEO's.
Bless you all.