Celebrating My Dad’s Birthday on Father’s Day In The Hamptons

This weekend was pure heaven! We had lots of family over to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was an amazing day that even featured my sister Lisa singing daddy a special song! Here are some pictures from the event. _DSC4143.jpg.pAE3U0387.jpg.p AE3U0400.jpg.p AE3U0432.jpg.p AE3U0436.jpg.p AE3U0449.jpg.p AE3U0454.jpg.p AE3U0462.jpg.p AE3U0483.jpg.p AE3U0479.jpg.p AE3U0480.jpg.p AE3U0497.jpg.p AE3U0534.jpg.p AE3U0537.jpg.p AE3U0560.jpg.p AE3U0599.jpg.p AE3U0600.jpg.p AE3U0645.jpg.p AE3U0672.jpg.p AE3U0690.jpg.p AE3U0711.jpg.p AE3U0725.jpg.p AE3U0765.jpg.p AE3U0887.jpg.p AE3U0952.jpg.p AE3U0979.jpg.p AE3U1125.jpg.p AE3U1283.jpg.p AE3U1305.jpg.p AE3U1329.jpg.p AE3U1337.jpg.p AE3U1340.jpg.p AE3U1646.jpg.p AE3U1889.jpg.p AE3U1909.jpg.p AE3U1939.jpg.p AE3U2503.jpg.p AE3U2534.jpg.p AE3U2546.jpg.p AE3U2548.jpg.p AE3U2553.jpg.p AE3U2556.jpg.p AE3U2558.jpg.p AE3U2563.jpg.p AE3U2603.jpg.p AE3U2631.jpg.p AE3U2633.jpg.p AE3U2765.jpg.p AE3U2780.jpg.p AE3U2805.jpg.p