Catfight! Jill Zarin & Danielle Staub- NY Daily News

Catfight! Sparring "Real Housewives" contemporaries Jill Zarin of New York and Danielle Staub of New Jersey nearly threw elbows at the Three Olives Bubble launch at Greenhouse. Says one eyewitness, "Danielle literally pushed Jill out of the way to sit next to [host] Kim Kardashian, and the ladies started arguing, with Danielle eventually walking away. You could have cut the tension with a knife!"

Jill's comments: Story is mostly TRUE..she climbed over Ally and me while talking to Kim on a bench at party to get photographer to take their picture. We did not fight though. She realized what she did and apologized saying the photographer made her do it. I said no problem.

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