I try to take the high road when people gossip. I guess it is the price of fame we all pay being on a TV show. Today a local gossip column ran yet another story mostly untrue. I will start by setting the record straight. I did see the opening of a new show on Broadway the other night. It is very sad that the PR company needs to use my name to get press. They should be able to get press on their own don’t you think? So they say I was 30 minutes late. Really? Do you want to know why? I was there on time. Ask all the photographers. I was asked by the PR company to take photos and do interviews. They didn’t tell me when it was starting as I was focused on the interviews. Finally someone did tell me and we ran inside. The curtain rose. We were asked to wait until after the first few songs ( along with other “late” people or people from the bathroom) to be seated. We were seated and ran into 2 other couples we know. I said hello…a few words…thats it. Yes..it is true someone near me was watching the Yankee game on a blackberry and yes the light was distracting. Am I now responsible for other people? So..that is the REAL story. If you want me to clarify press you read ( assuming I can ) write in comments and will try to do more!
Have a Happy Day….