Finally the summer is here! Do you feel it in the air? The warmth and humidity. Personally I love it! I am always freezing and Bobby always warm so he is not happy! However..the stores and restaurants pump up the AC so much that I always carry a sweater with me. Crazy?
So have you been waiting to hear who my special guests were? Governor Charlie Crist and my close girlfriend Carole Rome with her family. Many know already that we are friends and the Governor was in town to speak at an event in Bridgehampton last weekend. Charlie has some minor knee surgury and was such a sport on his crutches. But he was not alone. I tripped over a phone cord in the den and might have broken my toe. I have not worn heels since then and can only wear flats or sneakers. I am not a happy camper to say the least. So the two of us were quite a pair limping around. We gave them thier privacy and hope they will visit again soon. Saturday afternoon Bobby and I with my stepson, wife and baby went to the Landrover Event in Watermill. Wow did they pull out all the stops. A beutiful house with food and beverages greated you. We all registered and drove a Landrover through a custom built off road course not for the faint of heart. It was quite scary letting go of the break and gas pedal and stearing down a 45 degree angle road. But we all survived and were very impressed. When we left we were presented with a photo album with our picture already in it. Now that was class. On Sunday we were invited on our friends boat and spent the day with friends off Gardner’s Island. The perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
This past weekend Bethenny and Brad stayed with us and we went to the Denim and Diamonds Event for The National Cancer Society hosted by my favorite MC Gina Glickman honoring our favorite Countess….Countess Luann DeLesseps. Bobby and I met Kesley and Camille Grammer and they were so down to earth. Sunday morning I shlepped to Laguardia to pick up my parents. On the way back to the house we stopped at my cousin Dr. Dave’s ( Dr. David Zaret) house to look at my toe. He is the best orthopedic ankle foot specialist that I know if ( he really is even if he is my cousin) and without an xray..thinks it might be broken but there is nothing to do but wait for it to heel ( no pun intended). I am so excited my parents are here and this time they are staying for a while. Allyson is still here and we have been spending quality time together ( in between the madness) and of course Ginger loves the backyard.