Thank you for reading my blog. I am really enjoying the interaction with everyone. Though Bobby is not so thrilled I spend 5 hours a night on the laptop in bed. I remember when I used to spend the evenings in my office at my desk. Now my desk is in my bed. Isn’t everyone’s? is the story. A few summers ago a friend of mine invited Ally and I to spend a week in the South of France. A mother daughter trip. We were scheduled on a 7PM flight out of JFK. As I was finishing packing at home, Bobby calls and casually says…” I checked your passports this morning before I left and I think Ally’s passport expired”. I said ” WHAT??” And ran to the desk and sure enough..Ally’s expired. I am not a moron. It was only 5 years old. ( She was 10?). I thought passports expire after 10 years. Yes..true for ADULTS…not KIDS! It makes sense…their faces change so much that they expire in 5 years. PANIC. I had peace of mind to grab my wallet, money, ID, Letter from Ally’s Dad, MY PASSPORT and of course Allyson and ran out of the house. First stop..passport office on Canal. No luck. I had no appointment and they could care less that I had a flight that night. Then I ran to get a photo of Ally in case I got lucky. While on the phone crying to Bobby ..he told me to change flight to the next day or 2 was $3000. That was not happening. Ally was crying too. I gave up. I went to the 34th street Post Office to wait in line and apply by mail since there was NO WAY were going anywhere. Remember I got the photo taken?? It was now 3PM and the flight at 7PM. ( was Friday too in the summer..TRAFFIC!) Bobby called. THE HERO. He tells me not to ask questions but get back to the passport office asap and call DANNY ( names have been changed to protect the guilty). and he will meet me in the lobby. I called Eyola to finish packing..sent my driver to my apt to pick up my luggage and bring it in traffic downtown to passport office. I was escorted upstairs this time. Filled out paperwork . Now it is 4:15PM. Flight 7PM. He told me One Hour. At 5:15 I had it HOT in my hands. Literally off the printer. I ran out..met my driver downstairs..picked up Bobby on Houston and Allen ( down the block from Zarin Fabrics) and straight over the bridge to JFK. We get out and there are hundreds of people. It is 6:15PM. Take off in one hour. Someone recognizes him ( I think he thought he was someone else) and escorts us to the front of the line. ( This is before they closed international flights 90 minutes before). We RUN RUN RUN..we get in our seats by 6:10. No kidding. We started to cry. BOBBY MY HERO. We still have Danny’s number..but it will cost you! Love, jill