I normally don’t blog at the end of the night but this is an exception. I had one of the best nights tonight with my family. Where do I start? Our driver from 7 years ago came back into our lives. His name is Wayne. He is a bodyguard/driver and his partner Steve is an ex military Special Operations. They both picked up Ally and I in our Black SUV and drove us to the premiere of HBO’s ENTOURAGE. ( Ally was dying to go!) We picked up our tickets at WILL CALL ( fancy Black with holgrams and green plastic bands for afterparty) and walked the red carpet with Jeromy Piven, Jamie Lee Siglier, Bethenny Frankel ( yes..my friend and co star) and lots of other celebs. We were interviewed and photographed for 30 minutes. After sitting Allyson Shapiro with Bethenny Frankel and Lori Levine..I left with Steve following me, to find Bobby. I met up with Wayne and Bobby at the Valentino party. Another long red carpet in front of us..we talked to lots of press including Jeff Slonim ( who I love!) and walked right into Valentino! Tan, trim and elegant…we talked for few minutes. I ran into Simon and Alex McCord Van Kempen. Joking that is was great to see them ( in clothes!) I thought they both looked fresh and rested.Alex wore Roberto Cavalli( surprised?) from guess where? St Barts! She wore a stunning black gown. then I ran into Ramona and Mario. I had a chance to sit with Liv Tyler ( pretty in pink) who then sat with Allen Cummings. When Valentino sat in the VIP area…Wayne was able to get us past the security surrounding him. Then I ran into Rachel Zoe ( yes..of the new Bravo show titled Rachel Zoe!) who invited us to her premiere party tomorrow night. Good for her! The last celeb sighting was Vivica A. Fox. She remembered me when I reminded her we sat together at last season’s fashion show for Kimora Lee Simmons at Roseland. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend Lisa Raye McCoy, the first lady of Turks and Caicos. She told me she would be on Conan tonight ( which I am watching as I type this) and Kelly and Regis tomorrow morning. Vivica A Fox is promoting her new reality show. Someone told me there would be a Gossip Girl party on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel. Originally I was going home..but now I had a parental obligation to tell Allyson about this party. Of course she wanted to go..so we picked up out gift bag from Samsung ( they were the sponsors of the Valentino event) and hopped into the Escalade to pick up Ally on the way to the Empire. We had an extra car and driver following us in case we needed more seats sp we sent him to pick up Bethenny ( who had already left the Ziegfeld premiere) and bring her to the Entourage after party at mansion. We went to the Empire and met Tinsley Mortimer ( I took a picture of Ally and Tinsley) and had a few more pictures taken. We stayed 30 minutes and then jumped into the Escalade again to head off to Mansion. Wayne paved the way for us to enter and there must have been 500 people there? We headed upstairs to find Bethenny and ran in to Leighton Meister. I intoduced myself and found out she is a fan of our show and in fact watched a 7 hour marathon. Of course I took more pictures and talked about a walk on roll on Gossip GIrl. She was so nice and invited Ally to the set. We saw lots of cast members from the Soprano’s including Jamie Lee Stiegler and some minor but memorable actors from the show. Then..Wayne did it again! Ally wanted to meet Jermony Piven but couldn’t get near him. Of course..Wayne drives for him too! So Wayne was able to ask him to take a picture with Ally and then we ran into a few other actors from Entourage. Bethenny..meanwhile..was having a great night too. And then..since nothing good happens after midnight…we came home. Tomorrow is another day…..