Blog Hamptons – Jill Zarin: Saving The Planet One Pile at a Time.

Jill Zarin: Saving The Planet One Pile at a Time

Photo: Jill Zarin / Go-Green Doggy Duty Bags

Photo: Lisa Wagner/

Jill Zarin, of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City, enjoyed a holiday celebration at the home of Jason & Haley Binn this past Saturday at the power couple’s annual Memorial Day Weekend soiree. Jill, sporting a new and improved physique – which she credits to breast reduction surgery and “living well” – was accompanied by her husband and RHoNYC regular, Bobby Zarin, his son Jonathan Zarin (who Jill tells us may be joining the cast for Season 3!), and her lovely daughter, Ally.

After a couple of hours of schmoozing, posing, and some front-yard interviews, Jill was ready to call it a night. With a few bellows across the lawn in search of “Aaaaaaaally,” Jill was able to wrangle up the entire Zarin clan and skillfully tip-toe her patent leather Louboutin’s down the Binn’s pebbled driveway. At the foot of the driveway was a reception table, where guest check-in had been replaced with copies of Hamptons Magazine and an interesting choice of parting gift — Go Green Doggy Duty Bags — the latest way to curb your dog and still be environmentally friendly. Most guests looked curiously at the small square boxes, some reading them more than once, until they fully understood they were in fact a biodegradable dog poop bags, before politely placing them back on the table. But not Jill. This proud Mom, of one pampered Chihuahua named Ginger, just about squealed with delight.

“Oh my God, I have to have these for Ginger…look Bobby, BOBBY, they’re green, eco-friendly, I have to have these,” she proudly announced to everyone within earshot. “Hey, ya gotta scoop the poop!” And with that, Jill opened her oversized designer bag, swept her arm across the table, and packed away at least a half dozen boxes of “Doggy Duty Bags” before making her way to the car.

So, now environmentalists the world over can rest easy knowing that the next 100 or so number two’s produced by Ginger Zarin, should have zero impact on our planet. And we can add one more item to our ever growing list of “Why We Love Jill Zarin.”

She’s nothing if not authentic!