Every year the Met Gala brings a wide array of celebrities dressed in the latest fashions. Here is my review of this years hits and misses.

Rihanna- Fabulous color and entrance.


Sarah Jessica Parker-Most keeping in theme… I  like the head topper.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Kendall Jenner-Magnificent.

Kendall Jenner

Salange Knowles-Coolest.

Solange Knowles

Helen Mirren..Most elegant and age appropriate.

Helen Mirren

Anna Wintour—HIT IT PERFECT this time.

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals

Kate Hudson-PERFECT 10.

Kate Hudson

Kerry Washington-Biggest miss.

Kerry Washington

Kris Jenner-Makes her took to big and hides her body.

Kris Jenner

 Lady Gaga-I didn’t recognize her!
Dakota Johnson-Too skinny-too short-too shinny.
Dakota Johnson
Katie Holmes- Too skinny.
Katie Holmes
Beyonce-Too naked?
Kim Kardashian-Did she speak to Beyonce? WRONG!!
Kim Kardashian West
Chloe Sevigny-Didn’t work…but tried…it was falling down on her.

Chloe Sevigny