Navigating lost luggage

As someone who is a frequent flier, losing luggage is not something any of us enjoy. Now with the challenges of travel these days, I have some tips on how you can avoid lost luggage.

I always try to not check a bag for many reasons. One being that it slows me down in the airport and being late for my flight or missing it because of long baggage lines is the last thing I want to do. 

With canceled, delayed and transferring of flights nowadays, having to haul your luggage through airports is not ideal. 

So, here are some tips that I have learned to avoid your luggage being lost (from someone who has been through) it : 

Fly Nonstop : 

Being able to fly nonstop, helps to make your bags less likely to be lost because it is not transferred to and from different planes. It is also helpful that a nonstop flight gets you to the destination faster and allows you to enjoy your trip more seamlessly. If nonstop flights are not an option for you or your trip destination, try to plan a long layover so you can grab your bags and then re-check them in to assure they are put on the plane. 

Keep track of your luggage : 

Whether it is the bright color of the luggage or the big bow you tied to the top handle of the suitcase, having your luggage stand out helps you to identify which one is yours. With so many people traveling these days, the chances of someone else having the same suitcase as you, is likely. So, standout to avoid someone mistaking it for theirs. Another way to keep track of your luggage is to buy an Airtag. You connect the Airtag to your phone and place it in your luggage to track the whereabouts of your suitcase. Since airports are understaffed, if your suitcase is lost, it can take days for them to find out. Having an airtag allows you to track your bag and tell the airline where it is, faster and efficiently.  

Hold onto your valuables :   

If you travel with valuables, it is smart to keep them with you in your personal bag that you will take with you on the plane. You do not have to worry about the thought of your valuables being misplaced if your luggage does end up getting lost. Being able to carry your valuables with you lets you have a better peace of mind while traveling. 

Get Travel Insurance : 

Ever since the pandemic, I thought that taking travel insurance when booking my airline tickets was a very smart idea. If your luggage does get lost, the airlines will be more assertive of crediting you for your belongings. When your flight gets canceled or delayed, you are more likely to not have to pay for extra flights or necessities that come along with that if you have travel insurance. It allows you to have an extra sense of security during your airport experience. 

Contact the Airline directly : 

If you are in a situation where your luggage gets lost, damaged or taken, contact the airline you flew directly. The contact information is easily accessible on the airlines website and being able to talk to someone about the situation makes it a lot easier to get to the bottom of the problem. Another great way to get in touch with the airline is to reach out to them on their social media accounts. Include any important information and details that they should know and send them a message. Reach out to them to have them help you with the situation. 

Enjoy your travels and don't forget to use a tote that can store all of your belongings like this one!

**Cover Image adapted from Culture Trip**