The Chocolate is spreading!

I am sitting in bed pondering the amount of attention we will get over the next few weeks and months ahead. What makes my life any more special or interesting than anyone elses I will never figure out. I am grateful though that we have an opportunity to meet so many new people we never would have met around the country. I am a distributor for a healthy chocolate and have introduced it over 50 people now. I still have 100 calls to make and am so excited that I can share this product with everyone. I have never done this before but felt the health benefits were so outstanding, I had to get involved. The benefit of selling it under me is the power of connections I am making to spread the word and layer people under you. I am introducing one new distributor who sells Real Estate in NYC to a Mortgage Broker. You know who you both are and maybe will comment one day on how that went. On top of eating healthy chocolate... my network gets to use me to meet fabulous new people at our training meetings. So... if interested... email me your number and I will contact you with the details.