Season 2 is almost here!

I can't believe I have spent the entire weekend trying to find a new dress and I think I will end up wearing one I own (only 2 months old) to the Premiere. I tried on 20 dresses with Bethenny and Ally yesterday. Here are a few...Please note the spectacular stockings and shoes! p2070244Emanual Ungaro..this was difficult to put on but worth it. I love it..just not for the Premiere. Fun..flirty...different! p2070268Donna Karen..LOVE this store on Madison Avenue...I loved the dress and bought it. BUT..reminds me of what I owre to last year's premiere. p2070262Ally loved this Donna Karen. i think to daywear..but might buy for another occassion! I actually have tons more but not enough room here. So after a full day shleping...I think Iw ill wear what I own. Doesn't that always happen? But I am going out there one more time. Today. I also need a new printer and computer. I am also meeting my nephew Jonathan at my store to go through my clothes for EBAY. I am selling my stuff on EBAY that I don't wear anymore so keep checking back. You might find a great deal! This is going to be a crazy week. My dad is flying in ( after I begged) for the Premiere on Wednesday night. My mom says it is too cold. I can't blame her though.