Picture of SKY from Yosemite National Park

Here is another one...Bobby and I went to Nellos for a launch party for a charity we work with. Recently, I have been eyeing a watch, Degrisonio, that I want for our anniversary. They have one store in the US on Madison and 69th. I figured we could see if the store is open “since we are there anyway?” so we drive up Madison. ALL the stores are closed. As we are about to turn home, we notice the lights on with a red carpet and people! THEY WERE OPEN FOR ME! But the miracle does NOT stop here! We run into Donna and talk for a while. As we are saying goodbye she says ” see you tomorrow” I say tomorrow? your luncheon is Wednesday! She says” Jill, it is Dec 5th!

So....first of all, we should not have been there since we were not invited( we crashed to see the watch..which by the way..Bobby loved), but we ran into Donna..who casually said see you tomorrow. I would have shown up at Le Cirque Wednesday all dressed up with NO ONE THERE. Is this a miracle? PLEASE comment?