Our Trip To Antarctica In Words And Pictures

Our trip to ANTARCTICA was nothing short of incredible. The trip of a lifetime is an understatement. My obsession with ANTARCTICA started after taking a cruise to Alaska. The serenity of the Blue Ice and glaciers haunted me. It was my mission to convince Bobby to take me on a 4 day trek to literally the bottom of the Earth. We traveled within 700 miles of the South Pole. We crossed the Antarctic Circle at 66 degrees. It was the first time the ship was able to get that far south in years due to ice and weather. It is summer in ANTARCTICA and the ice moves, so we were very very lucky! If you are interested in what it was like 100 years ago, I beg you to read Ernest Shackleton. He was a British explorer who went on a expedition that was supposed to last a few months but got caught in the ice with 27 brave men and survived the brutal winters, (as low as 100 below zero at times and total darkness for months) for almost 2 years lost at sea. Reading the book on the ship made it all the more real for me but I promise you will literally feel like you are there. I could go into such detail that you will fall asleep so I will try to keep it simple.