November Update

Up until I have been blogging at I am on hiatus until next year so I will pick it back up right here! We finished filming Season 2 and am finally trying to recover. Unfortunately my Dad is sick and needs surgery tomorrow. I will be with my mom, sister and family in Connecticut during his recover. The Dr.'s say he will be fine but surgery is still surgery. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so is my birthday! I can't even summon the numbers in my age anymore. I still feel 13! The entire Zarin side of my family is going on a cruise from Florida. We are 35 people and we are all very excited! After the cruise we have 6 trips planned thru March. A wedding in Florida, holidays in Florida then Caribbean, Sundance Film Festival, and Vegas and CA in February. At the same time Ally and I are trying to organize trips to colleges during Feb break and Spring break for 2 weeks. I actually and looking forward to being with Ally the most. Ally and I are in a great place right now and she is blossoming before my eyes. She just turned 16. We bought her an amazing professional camera as she is leading toward fine arts and photography as a specialty. She has been trying to drag me to every museum and gallery in NYC. I have such a sense o pride watching her excitement of seeing the world through art. Bobby is my rock and soul mate..what else can I say. He lets me be me. I recently met NeNe from Atlanta. I just adore her. We are so different on the outside ( I tortured her about wearing a bra) but are we different on the inside. Sure..we grew up worlds apart..but the love for our child(ren) and husbands AND friends is obvious and infectious. I am looking forward to seeing her again. As for the other "ladies" on my will have to wait and "see what happens". Though if you visit me on facebook...I have some new pictures there. I also started I am not very good at keeping it up to date yet..but if enough people want to follow me..let me know and I will do a better job. Last...I have discovered a new website I LOVE called I will be uploading more items there to get your opinion on my clothes but for now I uploaded some TEAM JILL shirts. The Chicsters seem to love them. That's all for now...Love, Jill