Jill Zarin Episode 14 Exclusive Extended Blog

Hi Everyone,

As you read this I am in London with our friends Robbie and Ayda Williams for his European tour with Take That. We are going to two sold out concerts this weekend at Wembley Stadium. We have a weekend planned with horseback riding, spa treatments and lots of great food. I will post photos in my next newsletter.

Tuesday we rang the opening bell at NASDAQ! I was surrounded by family and friends and it was an amazing thrill. It was in honor of my acting debut on White Collar which aired Tuesday night. It was the thrill of a lifetime and I hope to do it again one day. (It will be sooner than you think!)

We spent a great 4th of July weekend in the Hamptons with Kelly and her girls. Ally was with us too. We went shopping, had a bonfire, played miniature golf and I even played a little tennis with Sea. She has huge potential and I loved playing with her! I started doing pilates again, which works miracles for me. My parents are coming next week and I can't wait to just relax with them at the beach club. I really miss them.

I can't believe it is week 14 already. It seems like this season is flying by. Two more episodes to go and we are on to the reunion. This weeks episode was fun for me to watch. Allyson is in college and I miss her terribly. She decided to transfer this fall and will be attending school in the south. It will be fun to visit her there this fall! We are so proud of her. She continues to follow her passion and just returned from working with children in Africa. Allyson is an incredible person and I love her more and more everyday.

When we were having lunch, I nearly died when she told me she wanted to be a "sex columnist!" I would support anything Ally does, but a "sex columnist" !!! Maybe she was teasing me to see my reaction? Shopping with Ally is very special as well. As she has grown into a young woman, I value these times more and more.

What did you think about Luann teaching Victoria how to drive? I remember only a few seasons back Bobby and I were teaching Ally how to drive. Time flies.

Did you all enjoy seeing Chris March on the episode? He is a sweetheart and his new show Mad Fashion will debut on Bravo, August 2 at 10:30pm. Be sure to tune in.

I absolutely loved being in the studio with Luann and Chris and hearing Chic C'est La Vie for the first time. It is a fun song and I hope Luann does great with it.

I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets etc. Bobby doesn't care when the girls go at it because, well, that's what we all signed up for. He does object to a man/husband attacking me in any way, (on the show or off). He doesn't think men should get involved in the fights. He thinks men need to be men and stay out of it.

Bobby and I both talked to Simon about our relationship and hope we can finally move to a more positive place. I decided to not publish anything or talk anymore about the hate, and move on to more positive and interesting things that we are all doing. I believe Simon feels the same and would like to just move forward. Honestly? It is so juvenile.

I have been busy working on expanding Jill Zarin products and wait until you see what is coming! I get so much feedback from each and everyone of you and I am developing products you have asked for. I can't wait to share what they are!

I want to close by thanking all of you for watching White Collar this week. I just received word that this weeks ratings were outstanding! "White Collar delivers season highs, ranking as one of the top cable telecasts of the day." How incredible is that!!

Have a GREAT weekend!! See you next week!

Jill XO