Introduces Passover products to kitchens across the country Like Jewish households everywhere Jill Zarin is gearing up for the upcoming Passover holiday (eve of April 3rd - April 11th). This year, Jill is focusing on the 90-year old family-owned Streit's brand, which has very much been a part of the Passover celebration over many decades. As Streit's gears up for their busiest season of the year, Jill is reaching out to the younger generation reminding them of their Jewish heritage with matzo, matzo balls and macaroons. "I have been serving Streit's kosher products in my house for years, Zarin said, A special family favorite is their matzo ball mix." My matzo balls come out super light and fluffy. What's more my gluten-free friends don't even have to miss out anymore, with Streit's gluten-free matzo ball mix! Streit's Passover product list includes not only matzo products, but macaroons, cake mixes, candy, condiments, preserves, side dishes and stuffing mixes. This year they are introducing pomegranate and prune jam, and hazelnut truffles into the mix. Jill has been busy promoting the Streit's brand and is looking forward to posting delicious recipes on her new Streit's cooking blog: Streit from Jill's Table to Yours - which is coming just in time for Passover. Check out Streit's website for further details and product information  www.streitsmatzos.com.