Jill’s Top Tips For Working From Home

I have been working from home for many years now but it is a completely new experience for many! It’s important to create routines to navigate working from home to the best of your ability. It can take a while to adjust, so I hope these tips will help.
1. Get Ready For The Day 


I cannot mentally start the workday without showering, putting some makeup on and getting dressed. Not only does my routine allow me time to wake up and get focused to work, but it also makes me feel more energized and productive. When I get lazy and stay in my pyjamas, nothing gets done!


2. Establish A Dedicated Work Space


As tempting as it is to lay in bed or on the couch with your laptop it’s not the right choice. Sitting at a table, away from where you rest, makes it easier to focus and create an environment you associate with work. 


3. Schedule Your Breaks

I am so bad at taking breaks! Something new is always coming up and I’m trying to do 5 things at once constantly. Set an alarm every couple of hours, stand up, walk around, have a snack! You’ll be more productive if you take little frequent breaks. 


4. Move Your Body

Every morning I’m up early on the tennis court. Moving my body first thing in the morning provides me with a clear head for when I sit down at my desk. I also like to end my workday with a short walk; this helps me finalize the end of the day by moving away from my workspace and not returning until the next day. 


5. Start A Personal Project

This can be as simple as trying a new recipe or making a list of friends to reconnect with! Personally, I have been gardening. I’ve been growing tomatoes and cucumbers and so many herbs. It’s so exciting and motivates me to try new things in the kitchen.


I hope these tips are helpful and you're doing well! Thanks for reading!


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