How I'm Getting Ready for Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always been such an enjoyable holiday for me. There's no school or work, it's usually the first beach weekend of the summer, we celebrate with good food, and it's a day for honoring our lost military lives and supporting our troops! My Memorial Day is going to look a little bit different this year because of social distancing, so I thought I'd make a post about how I'm spending my Memorial Day in quarantine with my family! 


1. First and foremost - food! 

As you all know I've been loving using the Chef's Warehouse grocery delivery service! The food is all restaurant-quality, so it's the freshest quality you can  find. We've made steak, lobster tails, ribs, and so much more, all insanely delicious. My whole family swears they have the best meat they've ever tasted! If you use my code 'JILLNLISA', you'll get 10% off your purchase, and since they're the absolute best, that 10% will be donated to my fundraiser Noshes for Nurses providing free meals our health care workers on the front lines! 

With all these fresh meats and produce I've been getting, I've been having so much fun trying new recipes. I have a few recipes up on my blog that I think would be ideal for a Memorial Day celebration! Check these out: 

Lobster Tails

Corn Off-The-Cob

BBQ Chicken

Roasted Asparagus 

Apple Pie


2. Decor

I'm a major decorator when it comes to holidays. Decorating my surroundings to match the energy of the holiday just makes me even more excited and gets me in the spirit! Even for holidays like Memorial Day, I love decking my house out in festive but chic American-themed decor. 

In my outdoor space where I plan to host my Memorial Day barbecue for my family, I'm switching out my normal outdoor rugs for some festive ones from my very own Outdoor Rug collection! 

American Flag Outdoor Rug

Americana Stripes Outdoor Rug

Festive decor makes the holidays more exciting, and ideal for those who love taking photos like me! If you're interested in my other Outdoor Rug designs, click here to shop the collection! 

I also love buying mini American Flags to place atop food or inside a cocktail glass. These ones from Amazon are super cheap and durable! If you're really in the festive spirit, this LED American Flag is so beautiful and would make for an amazing photo background! 


3. Cocktail recipe

Every family holiday needs a staple cocktail in my opinion. This year, I decided on this amazing recipe for sparkling red white and blue sangria:

Here's what you need:

- One bottle of your favorite still white wine 

- One bottle of sparkling white wine (cava, champagne)

- Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries - the red and blue!)

- Thinly sliced apples (white!); If you have a small star-shaped cookie cutter, cutting the apples into star shapes makes the drink even cuter and more festive!

- Liqueur; brandy is the traditional liqueur used in sangria, but cognac, orange liqueur, white vermouth, or whatever your fave is will work! 

- Ice

How to make it: 

- Stir together still white wine, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in a large pitcher. 

- Cover pitcher and refrigerate for a couple hours so the drink can chill and the fruit flavors and colors can meld in. 

- Once ready to serve, pour in sparkling white wine, apples, and a handful of ice.

- Serve sangria over ice and enjoy!

Photo credit 


4. Music

I'm a big believer that music is good for the soul. Recently I've been loving Spotify's curated playlists! I love this one called Sunny Day. The music is upbeat but on the calming side, and I think it'd be perfect for hanging out outside and barbecuing with the family. 


5. Festive protection 

Ally and I have been selling super cute tie dye face masks, and now offer a Patriotic Bundle pack of 3 for only $35! 

They're super functional and comfortable. You can purchase them by clicking here!


I hope you all enjoyed reading about my Memorial Day 2020 plans! If you took inspo from this post and purchase or recreate anything I listed, let me know your feedback by DMing me or tagging me on Instagram @mrsjillzarin! This weekend, remember and be gracious of our veterans, and enjoy spending time with your loved ones if you are able to. I hope you all are remaining happy and healthy. I'll be back soon with another post, stay updated by following my social medias! Love ya!

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