Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a fun and safe New Year's Holiday and if you stayed home..even better. Just snuggle up to your loved ones..especially your pets. If you don't have one...please adopt! If you need help finding a good shelter...ASK JILL. Ok..so what did we do? After we visited my parents in Boca..Bobby and Jonathan flew from NYC to Boca to pick Ally and me up and fly to Aruba. We had an easy flight ( thanks to my honey) but he looked pale. I don't know what it was,,but he didn't look right. Ally had a friend fly down on Continental so we met her at the terminal around the same time to pick her up. Bethenny was supposed to be on the same flight but didn't realize she needed a passport for Aruba. I am not surprised and I feel bad I didn't remind her. LESSON ...you need a passport now everywhere ..including Canada and Bahamas since last Jan. EVERY CITIZEN needs passport or in case of emergency or better...a hot offer from a cute guy to take you away at the last minute. Go to http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html. You need to buy a passport photo first. Everything else is easy. I have a great story to tell about how Bobby got me mine in 3 hours...if you want to hear it..email me! Anyway...I am rambling again. Bethenny arrives the next day. We checked into the Marriot and had the most beautiful Oceanfront suite in the hotel. The views are spectacular. We love New Year's in Aruba because the weather is always perfect, we have a group of friends who go every year, there is a casino and great food. What more could you ask for? Bethenny came down the next day and the rest of our family came too. We ate dinner together everynight and all I did all day long is look for people. My people. We were 35 including the kids. That was the most exhausting part. The other fustration were the few discusting women from New York ( area) that would hog all the beachfront lounge chairs. I wish I knew her name, but this one woman would come down at 7AM and reserve 15 chairs for her family. I would come to the beach around 1PM and had the nerve to ask to use a chair until her family would show up. She said no. I told her she was sitting in the sun too long. ( she was so tan..it made George Hamilton look pale!) and she was too fat to wear a bikini which we all had to look at. Not a pretty sight. I could have made trouble for her and ask the beach patrol man to mark her seats like in a parking lot and wait the 2 hours and take back the chairs but I didn't care that much. We found another area to sit. We laughed at her sitting all alone ALL day. No one came. No one. All day for 3 days in a row..she held 15 chairs empty. I believe in Karma...and she will get hers too. New Years Eve..Bethenny and I sat at blackjack and won over $4000 each. It was crazy. I couldn't lose. Remember last year when I won the guy $25k? Well I saw him again. He sort of apologized. What was crazy was he read my blog and was upset I said he was from NJ. He wants me to correct the record that he is from Westchester, near Chappaqua. Well..again he was alone with his nice friend. He was supposed to bring over his wife to gamble but he was alone again. I would kill Bobby if he went over to another hotel to gamble without me. Maybe she just hates gambling...I respect that. He let me play a little for him and we made a "date: to meet on New Years Eve at 12:15. he didn't show. Too bad..I was on a winning streak and won $1500 on a $5.00 machine in the same room as last year. If I had his bankroll again..who knows. Well..there is always next year right? Let's hope New Year's Eve luck is the start of a lucky year.