Happy Fourth of July!

Every year, Bobby and I open our home to our family and friends ( and sometimes party crashers!) on July 4th. Last year was a total wash out. It didn't just pour, it was like a hurricane with wind! This year was close. It was overcast all day. We were setting it up outside, knowing we might have to move it inside on a moments notice. We got lucky. It didn't rain and only drissled for a few minutes around 10PM. To be safe, we served desert inside by the door so people could eat and run with a goody bag from Zarin Fabrics. I was able to get some great things for the bag including Vava Water, Blue Star Jets and gift card,my smartpac( amazing travel kit for one week), Oloff Beauty skin care and Barex hair care products. In addition to the delicious food from Creative Cuisine of New Hyde Park, we had an amazing DJ with 50 foot screen showing pictures of people entering the party. The best part was that both of our families were together and thats what counts the most.

Earlier in the week my dearest friend also named Jill, came to visit with her 2 children. This was there first visit to our house and I was so happy they came. Bethenny was also a houseguest this week so we were one big happy family! I love to entertain and we were definitely maxed out with 20 people sleeping here last week. Saturday night I met up with some of the housewives at the Social Life party. We only stayed an hour ( it was very crowded and the police broke up the party) adn picked Ally up and came home.
Yesterday was a very tearful day for me. I dropped Ally of at JFK to leave for Europe for the summer. She will be studying there and know she will have an experience of a lifetime but I feel a sense of loss. I know she needs to grow up and leave the nest, but will i ever be ready for that?