Christmas in Florida

Happy Holiday everyone! Since I last wrote, my webmaster created a new Blog design. I was getting so much spam before I had to change it. I need feedback so PLEASE email me any ideas for my site you might have to improve it? I am new to this so I need all the help I can get! Also..go to facebook and you will see lots of pictures from the last few months. This takes up so much time doesn't it? The most common question people ask me is did I watch the Atlanta show and if I did..what did I think. I loved it. In fact..I was watching the Bonnie Hunt show this morning and she did a skit as Lisa and a guest played Nene. I was laughing out loud! Also..go to and look at Bethenny Frankel's website. You will die! She is beyond funny and I agree with almost everything she says. Right now I am in Boca with Ally visiting my family. Bobby is coming here with his son, Jonathan, today. We leave for Aruba soon and Bethenny is coming with us! As you probably know already..we are like sisters..including the fights! ( of course she is the older one..just kidding). She was on the TODAY show today and I could not be more proud of her and how hard she works. If you missed any episodes..TIVO the series on January 3rd! BRAVO is running an all day marathon and in between, we did commercials for the new movie BRIDE WARS, starring Anne Hathanway and Kate Hudson. I haven't seen it yet..but being it takes place at the PLAZA..I want to. I hear BRAVO will be announcing our scheduled premiere date soon stay tuned and check back. I will be posting the press release when it comes out.