Season 5 Week 2 Reflections and Thoughts Out Loud

Hi everyone. So…what do I do…do I watch the show..not watch the show…blog the show…watch and not blog…no matter what I say or do I get judged. How would you feel if everything you did was scrutinized. Since I know the REAL truth..watching Sonja hit on the contractor ,Luann forgive Ramona…after they both admitted they […]

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Thanks for the LOVE

Thank you for this very special blog interview. You have proven to be one of the FEW honest bloggers out there that will write what needs to be said..even if it is painful to read. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth..ILANA STYLE. Keeping It Real By Ilana Angel

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Season 5 Episode 1 I want to HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Tonight was quite surreal for us. Bobby and I were in the hamptons and this morning made the decision to drive back to the city and stop by 3…yes 3! housewife parties in NYC tonight. First stop was Luann…she looked beautiful as usual. I got to meet Carole for the first time, Heather for the […]

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Jill Co-hosting Better TV

Here is a clip featuring Jill co-hosting Better TV with JD Roberto.

Better TV Clip

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Jill Zarin Launches Exclusive Skweez Couture Collection for HSN

I’m so excited to debut my Skweez Couture shapewear for the first time on HSN. It has been my lifelong dream to do this and I always knew I was born to sell. Many of the new styles being sold during this event were designed exclusively for HSN! I will be on HSN on February […]

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