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Happy Mother’s Day!

MOTHER… the most amazing word in the English language. Mine has since past but just the mention of that word conjures not just her beautiful face and smile but also the love and nuturing she provided, the memories she left with me which I will always treasure and the great lessons she taught me along the way about hard work, respect and humanity; lessons which will apply until I follow her into the great beyond. When I have failed in lifeI somehow always managed to get back up because long before Rocky Balboa had Mickey in his corner, I had my mother in mine.

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Secrets Of A Jewish Mother in Chinese & Japanese!!

I am so excited that Secrets Of A Jewish Mother has been released in Chinese & Japanese editions! It’s all foreign to me but check out some of the links to buy these versions. Chinese Amazon Chinese Bookseller Chinese Publisher Japanese Amazon

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Please help my sister Lisa Wexler save WESTPORT CT!

This may sound odd to you, but even though I don’t live in Westport CT, I feel like I grew up there and want to protect my sister’s quaint town of Westport, CT. Home to Paul Newman and so many other artists and actors of years gone by. Did you know Lucy and RIcky lived […]

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Jill Zarin Exclusive Blog Episode 15

Hello everyone. Bobby and I just came back from a fabulous trip to London. We went to visit our friends Robbie and Ayda Williams and to see Robbie and his band, Take That play two incredible shows at Wembley Stadium. I can’t even begin to tell you what a great time we had. The British […]

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Jill Zarin on White Collar, HGTV & NASDAQ

Jill will be appearing Saturday July 2 on HGTV’s “My favorite Places” at 6PM.Tuesday July 5 Jill will be ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ to celebrate her acting debut on Tuesday night on USA’s White Collar airing at 9PM. Be sure to tune in!

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