Spring Cleaning, Check Out EBAY !

Many of you have asked me to sell various outfit, glasses, shoes and accessories over the past 3 years. Well..I did it! I cleaned out my closets. Please bid high as the money will be going to my various charities. Have fun and shop till you drop! Xo Jill

Please click here.


2 Responses to “Spring Cleaning, Check Out EBAY !”

  1. s.s mille said:

    Jill: great idea on the spring cleaning sale. Also, you are looking terrific this year. Please practice saying “jewelry” correctly. It is NOT “JEW LE REY” as you pronounce it. It is “jEWEL RY”. JEWEL RY JEWEL RY. NOT “JEWlery”. I will enjoy you even more.

  2. Sandy Slater said:

    Jill, say jewelry the way you always say it. I love hearing that New York Yiddishy accent. You really wanna raise some money for charity? I couldn’t afford them but I am sure you have alot of fans that could shell out the serious dough for those green pumps you wore at the reunion. Those are fab!!! You should note which outfits you wore on the show and what episodes. Those are going to be the money makers for your charity.