Season 5 Episode 1 I want to HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Tonight was quite surreal for us. Bobby and I were in the hamptons and this morning made the decision to drive back to the city and stop by 3…yes 3! housewife parties in NYC tonight. First stop was Luann…she looked beautiful as usual. I got to meet Carole for the first time, Heather for the second and some old friends. Even Brad..yes Brad Boles was there..with Jersey ( Luann’s fab stylist from the music video). I felt like I graduated high school and am in college now ..going back to the high school to visit my old friends and some transfer students. Does that make any sense. I stayed for a “Diet Coke” and then left for party #2. I was invited to Adrianne Malouf’s launch party of her new skin care line with Dr. Paul. Can I say Paul looks much cuter in person? he is cute on TV but even yummier in person. ( no pun intended Heather!). Our last stop was at a bowling..yes bowling Alley next to the Port Authority. Not the best neighborhood in the city that is for sure but you would never know it once inside the door. There were about 150? friends and family. The overwhelming love Bobby and I received tonight was surprising and overwhelming. People were hugging and kissing us all night and wishing us well. We felt love from all of you like none other. How lucky are we. Everyone asked how Allyson is. Ally is working at AOL this summer and goes to Vanderbilt University now. She is in a really good place and is very grounded. Television is not her thing and she doesn’t “social media” like most kids do today. I am so proud of her but still go with the motto ” you can’t take all the credit and you can’t take all the blame” . Back to the party….Aviva could not be more gracious and hope she knew we came to support her and let her know that. I have to admit…it would have been fun to film with her and get to know her. Bravo does have good taste in housewives! ( most of them at least..I leave it to you to decide who you think I’m not that fond of”. The good thing about not being on this season? Everything I told you all in the past is all happening and coming true. I am not the instigator some fans accused me of and I did try to tell you about some of the girls but no one believed me!
It will be interesting to see what all of you think of the show ( IF you watched it) and whether you will watch it after tonight. After reading the tweets tonight…alot of you didn’t like what you saw and won’t be tuning in. I am curious..what did you think of tonight and will you be tuning in this season? I don’t think I can watch girls be mean to each other anymore. Its too dark. I like the family reality shows these days…! Tell me what you think! Share your thoughts here…its safe and unedited!


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  1. Monica said:

    Jill, Bravo is nuts to have gotten rid of you and Kelly- love you both. Ramona needs to be off the show. Not unhappy about Alex being let go though. You should have your own show for sure.

  2. Monica said:

    Jill, Bravo is nuts to have gotten you off the show. Love you.

  3. nowlafromny said:

    I wish you could be back on the show the WAY you USED to be. Not bossy- you were great then. I hope you realize how toxic Luann is. Love Sonja, Ramona and ALex. Cindy is rude nasty mean and uninteresting and Kelly is a complete nut job- crazy as a loon. But I miss you and so far the newbies don’t seem interesting.

  4. karen said:

    the show has never been as good compared to when you and Bethany were best buddies. You two were so funny and real. Guess then it all stopped feeling real – and more like acting and appearances. Luann was always snooty but now she is outright obnoxious. Ugh, calling herself “attractive” puleeze. The new girl with the artifical leg is totally unlikeable, boring and snooty too. Like Radizwell and Heather – smart and confident. Glad dumbell Kelly’s been sent to pasture, but miss Alex (not Simon). They should have kept you and Alex and Ramona and dumped all the rest. I don’t blame Ramona..Luann’s off her rocker

  5. karen said:

    BtW….what was up with Luann’s daughter’s art? OMG..that was the creepiest. I would have NEVER in a million years had a party to show that stuff off. Looks like it would better fit into a grungy gameroom in some guy’s basement

  6. Cybert said:

    15 minutes

  7. Sunny said:

    To be honest, I like the new line up and the show is great but I really miss you and Kelly.. Thank god Alex is gone. I’m starting to get addicted to the real housewives of Vancouver… Have you seen it? Would love to know your thoughts on who are the richest ladies between the girls from NYC,Bev Hills and Vancouver? How different you think all the girls are from each series?

  8. Karen said:

    Well, I think Bravo made a mistake by not asking you back. I am glad to see Kelly and Alex there, both were really annoupying and boring. The new women,,, well it’s hard to say at this juncture because it’s just so new. I definitely missed your character on the show…. Not sure why they decided that, but a definite mistake. Romona has become an inebriated characature of herself, and I agree with the viewer that she needs to get to AA. Thought the greatest line tonight was when Luanne said “Pinot-filled” head /hat …. Omg I laughed so hard! Good luck with your business ventures and your business proper! I follow you on twitter and made the comment about bravo not liking women who really work for a living!

  9. Rob said:

    I liked all the new girls. Unfortunately, the only thing missing was YOU. I understand why Bravo kept Ramona: she’s the chief shiznet stirrer. I’m sure they have to have someone to keep everything stirred up. Otherwise, it would be boring. I’d sure like to see Bravo give you your own show!! Miss you, Jill. Even though you’ve “graduated”, you should still go back and visit and be on camera every now and then!!!

  10. Mimi said:

    I read the blog, and I took Jill at her word that all comments would be published. I will admit, I didn’t read each comment word for word. But I did read the majority and came to realize that pretty much all of them are positive. On the one hand I wasn’t too surprised. This Jill’s personal blog and therefore the majority if not all readers would be pro Jill. But as I stated in the beginning, I took Jill at her word that this was unedited and all comments would be published. Only now I’m not so sure, my comments though not pro Jill, but are honest and representative of many fans. Unfortunately, every time I try to post my comments, an error appears. I’m hoping this means nothing, but it does seem strange. Nevertheless, I will write again and see if my opinions make it through.

    I have a fan of all the housewives series, having watched each series and every episode of each. Other than RHODC I like each series and find them entertaining and enjoyable.

    When RHONY started I really enjoyed all the cast members. Each one of them had their little quirks about them that annoyed me, but for the most part I liked the first couple of years. Though honestly, I never cares for Kelly. She was the oddest person and so out of touch with reality person I had ever seen on a show who wasn’t acting. I truly feel there is something mentally wrong with her and she needs to seek professional help.

    I like the majority of people, really liked Jill the first year. But, like most people, each subsequent year my enjoyment kept diminishing. She knew she was liked and I feel it went to her head. The year she went after Bethenney was the year she wrote her own goodbye. The last year when they went to Morrocco, was so painful to watch. The way Jill treated Alex made me ill. In my opinion Jill blamed Alex for her and Bethenney’s friendship diminishing. The friendship fell apart because of Jill’s inability to ever admit fault. Her arrogance is embarrassing to watch.

    Why Bravo ever hired Cindy was a mystery to me. She had zero personality and screen presence. Also she was void of any type of personality. When she went to lunch I believe with her parents or mother and only took one of her twins and was unable to handle the one, OMG quite telling.

    Luanne in my opinion, always was condescending. She always thought and still does IMHO herself superior to everyone else. I never want to see a family break up, but a part of me says karma well you know the saying and well maybe she should think about this.

    But what really truly finally did me in with these women was the reunion. The way the brunettes acted and treated mainly Alex was deplorable. The way they all mocked her, talked down, bullied, tried to ignore and belittle actually I could go and on but I’m sure everyone ready knows. I feel the only mistake Bravo made when they fired the gals was instead of firing Alex it should have been Luann.

    Its a proven and well known fact that Jill had control over what posts were printed on her Bravo blog. So of course they were all positive. Would you allow negative comments be printed about you? I honestly don’t know if Jill truly believes everyone loves her, if she is in bigger denial than Kelly or if she thinks that she is fooling everyone by trying get us to believe/think that everyone loves her and misses her and that without her on this show its going to fail due low ratings because she Jill Zarin isn’t on it anymore.

    When you think about it, its really quite sad that someone is so out of touch with reality or IMHO thinks they are so much smarter and arrogant they think they are better than the majority of us.

    Sorry Jill, don’t want to burst your bubble. But I don’t think Bravo would fire you and the other ladies because of a couple of fans displeasure with them. There are many many of us who wanted you and the other ladies gone or we would stop watching the show. Not the other way around. Like I state before, I just wish they had taken The Countless Luann and left Alex instead. Alex actually came from true money and had class. She’s actually the smartest of all you girls and the kindest. Never quite understood why you hanged up on her and didn’t like her. I finally came to the conclusions it was because you couldn’t blackmail her and therefore didn’t kiss your behind.

    Now I will try and post these comments again. If I take you at your word they should appear exactly as written. Hopefully you have the integrity, honesty and have changed like you have been preaching to everyone for years.

    Thank you and seriously, move on we all have!

  11. sullyfamily said:

    WTH I don’t like new show at all!! watched 2x no more what did I miss? where is everyone????? Ramona is wacked

  12. Sarah said:

    Just wanted to let you know, I miss you on the show!!!!

  13. Angie said:

    Don’t think I will be watching very much this season. I agree with other people replying to your blog. I think they should have kept Alex. Luann is a bully, saw it over the last season. And you were somewhat of a bully as well. But I do miss you this season. And I really do not care for Sonja. Didn’t like her last season. She plays everyone and is a back stabber. Luann seems to be the in the driver’s seat so for the season. Think it’s going to be a battle with all the ladies this season. Not really crazy about the new ladies. I just don’t like there personalities. Ramona has already clashed with one on the first episode. If I do watch, can not imagine what the season will offer.

  14. Sandee said:

    I have not watched the show, and I won’t. It is too much that Bravo wiped out most of the cast. It is not the same, and I just don’t have the energy to start all over with a new cast of characters. I really think it is about $$$$ and I am so tired of everything revolving around money. I live in an entirely different world than you do. (I am a widow with a 12 y.o. son at home and battling terminal cancer and had to sit there when the doctor explained that if I didn’t have my co-pay they unfortunately couldn’t give me my chemo) so it is an entirely different world. I enjoyed the past seasons and it gave me a break from all the worries in my life. I am sorry that you and the other ladies aren’t there anymore to put a smile on my face every now and then. I also want to applaud you on the many charitable things that you do. I will miss you and the show.

  15. Phyllis said:

    The show was boring and slow w/the exception of Ramona needing to put her comments and lies on a tape recorder, she brings nothing new, get rid of her. Bravo, you lose a viewer. Andy is always biased too. Either do an interview without injecting your bias Andy, you go with whichever way the wind blows. Sad.

  16. Elizabeth said:

    Hello Jill,

    I just wanted to say that the RHONY is not the same without you. To some degree, I also miss Kelly and Alex. I thought the show was very boring and could not connect with the new Housewives. However, Ramona is still one of my favorites and if I continue to watch the show, it is only because of her. As a fan of RHONY, I don’t understand the change and I will not be a fan of new RHONY for very long. I don’t care about “Yummie Tummie”, “Rule #27” or the Ex-Wife whose husband slept with LuAnn and Sonja. BRAVO, RHONY was not broke, why the change?

  17. Karri said:

    Hi Jill,
    I’m from Australia & we don’t have season 5 yet, so I’ve just finished season 4….not too happy that you won’t be in the next season 🙁 Alex drove me nuts…not sure if she is back in season 5…let’s hope not. Maybe you should make a return in season 6!! xx

  18. khaled said:

    I know people hate Ramona, and rail on her bc of her crazy eyes and who she she horirble to the people she interviewed, but I really like her. And, I think she’s a great businesswoman, and gave the candidates she interviewed really good advice about the business world. You never say, I’m sensitive, or act the way some of them were acting. Just saying, I don’t think she’s as bad as others say. And her magazine covers shows some resemblance of Avery.