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I have heard from quite a few of you that you tried to post a comment on under Blogs. I guess they only select a few since they get SO MANY !Please
A. Let me when you sent it.
B. Your email address ( I will NOT repost it) only if you want me to send to Bravo to repost
C. Feel free to leave your comment here. I don’t read the comments on My cyber assistant Maggie reads thru them and posts them on . I do post negative comments as long as they are not hateful, vulgar or inappropriate. But of course the nice ones are nicer to read! HAH! XO Jill


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  1. Ricci said:

    I have also tried to post to Ramona’s and Alex’s blog with no success! It’s extremely hard for me to believe these two women are adults. They both act like squabbling school girls. Both really need to just SHUT UP, to be blunt!!!! Alex and Simon are the strangest couple I have ever seen. They behave like people that have nothing else to occupy their time! I appreciate the fact that of all of the women you seem to be the most approachable. Please keep being you !!!!

  2. viv100 said:

    Hello from Sunny Miami!
    Jill, I love the way you are. You tell it like it is. Your friends are lucky to have you! Don’t ever change. I love your style and you look fabulous. Those women are just jealous of you. Bethanny lost a good friend in you. I love Bobby and you together, I can see how much he loves you. I’m going to NYC for Thanksgiving, I love the city that never sleeps, can’t wait!

  3. Christine said:

    Jill you are my favorite housewife if I had to pick one that i thought would be a true friend it would be you.Im not sure why you care if you are friends with ramona she acts crazy.also I wanted to tell you I love,love ,love your new hair style you looked amazing on the reunion episode!!!

  4. Karen said:

    Hi Jill,
    Thank you for setting this up I attempted to post regarding Alex’s behavior during the reunion show. Wow was she desperate for attention. It was as if she already received her pink slip from Bravo. That crazy Ramona geez. I fast forward thru Ramona and Alex’s segments. I really don’t know if I am going to watch next year if Alex returns. Love you and all of the brunettes.
    Best regards

  5. John F. said:

    You are great. I cant stand Alex and Simon. They claimed to be for gay rights and they are NOT! Also you are so classy and funny on the show. The Countess and you are the reason why I watch the show. I ran into Alex one day and she blew me off and snubbed me. I have alot of health problems due to a gastric bypass and then became an Alcoholic. Ive been sober for 95 days! I cant work due to my gastric problems yet and ill be 30 on Friday its so frustrating I look at you though and you are so entertaining and classy

  6. Pam said:

    I think that mainly positive comments(about all the ladies)are allowed on the blogs although some negative ones have appeared then disappeared. I also wish that you would promote less cattiness from you fans’ comments. You said above that the “nice ones are nicer to read.” Some that praise you do so by not being very nice to others on the show. I find some of those comments hateful toward the lady they perceive to be your enemy.

  7. Mary from Jersey said:

    I am registered on and have NEVER been able to get anything posted, don’t know why but, its very frustrating!

  8. lovestv said:

    I love your hair style. What type of cut do I tell my stylist that I want to get a similar look? You know this is the best form of flattery.

  9. Connie said:

    Hi Jill I am ok with this being posted on Bravo if you so choose. With that said; I am imoressed with youyr fortitude and yoyr courage to admit being wrong at times, vindictive, and just BLUNT! Nothing wrong with it when as you sai it is said but not to be cruel. So what, g/f’s fight and argue, you do 0wn it but as was pointed out several times this season and on the reunions, some people cannot come up with an example as you always do ask. I am glad that you and Bethanny have started communication and I do hope that soon you will be in touch and enjoyng family company time. Perhaps time will heal some of the pain. I do believe both of you have and had been railroaded into this dragged out painfulsituation. It is obvious that you still love Bethanny and that Bethanny has feelong for you as well. Maybe the guys van get together to set up a meet and greet. Bobby is fantastic and reminds me so much of my husband, caring, unselfish, protectie, and just plain a best friend. Who can ask for more. My husband is the fighter for me as well. I, however am the cancer survivor so I guess you and my darling husband know how that fight goes.
    I am sorry I am rambling. I hope after the reunion, that all the ladies really watch themselves and understand the bligt they are putting on the terms friend and lady. Sad but true. Perhaps Sonja will rethink her strong bonds with Ramona or keep them and offer to help her through alchohol counseling. Perhaps Alex will woman up and take charge a bit. She says she does not rule over what Simon says but she does in so many other ways so she lies through her teeth. Her husband calling you that name is childish and obviously shows his lack of the English language. CLASSLESS! Perhaps that is why Alex doesn’t like the word. She does not have it nor does she have women loyalty. I agree her husband should always on face come first but to allow him and accept vulgar language to another woman is disgusting and shows how little she thinks of her true self. So sad. I do pray for Sonja to get her emire back and I know she will, that is a strong woman!!! I like her and her throw it out there attitude. Cindi is a suprise and you go girl! How dare people question her mothering!!! I worked while my chilren were growing and they are fantastic! All of you work and your children are great. The person that wrote that is ignorant. As for Kelly stay true. You really are the peacemaker and perhaps that is what threatens some of those gals! Countess good luck in love! Jaques is wonderful and fun for you and your children.
    Jill, thank you for letting meblog here. Keep going woman youyr family is fantastic!

  10. KarieMtkaMN said:

    Is it true you were spotted house hunting in Europe as a new HW show is in the works and you are moving to a new cast?

  11. Marti said:

    After reading all the comments, I have to add: Jill, when ever you are making a comment, I am usually thinking the exact same thing! Loved the Alien comment last season, and this season….KNOCK KNOCK….I call it the NY way of expressing yourself. People accuse me of doing it all the time. I think that Ramona, Mario, Alex and Simon, are weird as hell. And very childish. It is amazing that they behave like 12 yr olds. You watch, Ramona will find out that Mario is cheating….and who could blame him? But maybe the paycheck is what keeps him there. I would not doubt it. At any rate, love you, and Luann, Kelly and Cindy. I do like Sonya, but am tired of her always defending Ramona, it is almost like she feels so sorry for her.

    Good luck to you

  12. Laurel in NY said:

    I have tried on to post a comment to you (or maybe it was LuAnn- LOL). Here is my take on Ramona hitting below the belt with LuAnn’s marriage:

    I feel that both LuAnn and Ramona decided that families were ‘fair game’ when LuAnn started talking about Mario’s infidelity in their marriage. Right, wrong, or indifferent, when someone is completely embarrassed (as is evident Ramona was), she totally knee-jerk-reacted and decided to hit LuAnn below the belt with talking about her kids.

    When a person is blind-sided with something that is so horrific to them (esp. when it involves their own family—spouse, kids, parents, etc.)—people see RED! Gloves off, line crossed!

    It was not right that Ramona said what she did to LuAnn, but it wasn’t right for LuAnn to patronize Ramona, nor you to say (or ‘gossip’) that your circle of friends said that Mario was cheating on her! If he is, and she’s not aware of it, she just got egg all over her face!!!!! She was shooting from her hip–and didn’t care who she hurt!

    So, I say (to both you and LuAnn) to take the high road, even when people say stupid, false things!!!! It is hard to do, but be the bigger person! No one will ever be able to accuse you of starting ‘problems/rumors etc’ if you just say nothing!

    I hope this makes sense. I really like you and think you have good intentions (most of the time)to not get involved in drama. I think you are a loyal friend, and funny! But, I can see both sides since I am not personally involved in your life!

    Have a great summer! I hope to see this posted on this blog. I kind of doubt it though.

  13. Joanne said:

    Jill – no luch posting on Bravo. In advance of my other comments, I appreciate you, Luann and Kelly for your realism, your accomplishments, and your personalities. I would consider each of you a valuable friend, were I a member of the cast. Each of you is caring, loving, and most of all, loyal to your “real friends”, and I give you great credit and respect for trying to honor, develop or repair relationships with others of the cast.

    Honestly, in watching this last season I was frustrated over the continuous hatefulness, meaness and stupidity of some of your castmates. I would run, not walk if ever in the near presence of Ramona. She lacks basic manners, continuously flipping her head with a disrepectful smirk and an I don’t care attitude. She needs more than a finishing school, in fact, she needs a starting school. If she is a representative of New York society, then membership has obviouisly opened up to trailer trash.

    Alex, is a rambling vicious mouth mounted on a half-brain. She has image issues. The best thing she could do is leave the show (with Ramona), or at the least, shut her mouth.

    Sonya is likeable, but would do better to distance herself from Ramona the terrible, and Alex the thunder head.

    I hope the show gets back to being fun, and that we learn something about the good things that happen in your lives. That’s the pleasure we viewers take in watching such a show.

  14. bubalub said:

    I posted a comment about how I felt you could handle criticism here and it wasn’t posted here or on Bravo. That’s a compliment, I think you censor both places for things you don’t want to see. That’s stacking the deck and very sneaky. You lost a fan….Bet this one won’t get posted either.

  15. ejadesindy said:

    You have always been my favorite & I loved the dynamic between you & Bethenny. I must say I find Kelly to be a little crazy & weird. They way some of the other women treated Alex was so rude, but I don’t know why she is so upset w/you b/c I never saw you treat her badly in any way! Simon is so strange & creepy! You are you, even if I haven’t always agreed w/you, you are still you. As you said we are all human & we all make mistakes, but I never have found you to be malicious or hurtful. Keep inspiring us & being the beautiful, wonderful, funny you!! Love, love, love you!

  16. Gary said:

    I think I know why Bravo doesn’t post my comments to Alex. She’s too feeble to take up for herself. Poor little baby.
    I hope they have sense enough to see that you and LuAnn are by far THE BEST!!! Hang in there kids.

  17. anastasia said:

    Whenever I bother to attempt formulating a half way intelligent response it never shows up. Personally I am sick of it and no longer even submit anything.
    Andy Cohen has been informed and says he has nothing to do with He’s Sr. V.P. of Original Programming so you’d think he has some sort of pull around there.

  18. ELKTO said:

    I am not one to ever post a blog, but I was so compelled to write especially after seeing the movie “Sarah’s Key” this weekend. You are an absolutely disgrace to our Jewish Heritage. I am the same age as you and come from a proud family who have survived the horiffic events of the Holacaust. The survivors started a new life in this country for the happiness and health of their future children. They didn’t survive so people like you that would become so self-centered, greedy, egotistical, narsositic, and mostly and clearly fake!! I can’t believe that you actually think people are stupid and can’t see right through your lies and shallowness. You truly discust me. Your charities are only about YOU!! What you spend on food/dress/shoes/jewelry etc to show off your fakeness can feed a country. People who give, give from their heart. Your lies are discusting!! Please stop giving the generous, kind, wonderful people of the Jewish heritage such a bad face. It is people like you who have given us the negative stereotype. Plus you didn’t make your money on your was your husband’s hard work. Your husband’s money does not make you better. Please watch the movie Schindler’s List AND REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM AND WHAT LIFE IS TRULY ABOUT!! Plus your fake friend the CountLESS!! She came from nothing and is still nothing!! OY!! She is a FOOL!! You all need to stop and look in the mirror. You both truly make fools of yourselves. You all do not have one ounce of talent or have special gifts to give back to the world. You only bring division, hate, lack of tolerance, prejudice, arrogance. You are the worst of what is in this world. You and the Countless are delusional!! You and Countless and the crazy-jelly-bean nut lack kindness and integrity. You get joy out of others struggles. Countless also continues to lie and has absolutely NO CLASS!!! Countless..PLEASE PLEASE STOP SINGING!!! I am from NY and grew up on LI and also in the Hamptons and no one acts like you!! All the people that I have grown up with from friends and family ALL think you are making such FOOLS of yourself…Again..all three of you are delusional!!
    Please Please remember the people who REALLY struggled who came before you and do something in your life to make them proud and give their lives meaning by making your life have TRUTH and MEANING. You are all not only ugly on the outside, but mostly on the INSIDE!! I hope this makes you stop and look in the mirror. Oy! I’m watching you right now and it is making me SICK!!
    Please go away!! The people you surround yourself with only feed into all your delusions. I am still close with all my childhood, college, professioanl friends through the years and to this day has never had an agruement or fight. NEVER!! We truly are friends and support each other. Never dealt or created any craziness that you all have displayed. You are certifiable!!! Please Please remember your ancestors. My beloved grandparents would be horrified in who you are!!

  19. Joanna said:

    Hi!! I just wanted to say that I think you were wonderful on RHONY this season…actually all of the seasons. I believe that when others say you need to change they are seeing things that they don’t like in themselves & need to make it seem as if you are at fault… We all are changing everyday as things we hear, say, see & do shape our lives…
    I would also like to say that Ramona knows what AA is..she did that on purpose hoping to get the attention on her drinking off of her. I know that people who go to AA sometimes bring friends with as part of their 12 steps…Also, so what if you were at a meeting!
    I love your upbeat personality & how you want to know how or why things are; ex. on the trip you kept asking questions of the tour guide. You wanted to learn about their culture!
    I also think its nice that you and Bobby are so happy together. My husband & I have been together 18yrs, married 15. No kids…well kind of…we did treatment foster care & took in kids who had major issues. Some turned out great, the others…still hoping!
    I just wanted to say how I admire you and please be on next season!
    I hope you are having a great summer & having fun w/your family!

  20. Claire Collins said:

    I must remark on Ramon’a behavior toward you on the “Reunion” episodes. Whenever Ramona feels she has been parked into a corner she strikes like a Cobra and has no consideration who she may injure with her thoughtless remarks as long as she feels she has won the argument…pathetic. In this case, I am speaking about A.A….did she think it stood for Alcohol Appreciation? How can a self-made businesswoman in today’s standards be so clueless?

  21. goldengracie said:

    I have posted positive comments for you 2 times over at RHONY/Bravo, and Bravo chose not to publish them. Very disturbing that they are trying to “game” the system to make it look like the public likes Alex and Ramona better than you and the other brunettes!!
    I adore your vibrant personality Jill and your loving heart!!! Your are Pure and Good to the core…even when you sometimes have knee jerk reactions. You are quick to recognize your errors and apologize and redeem yourself!!! Counting down till the New York housewives return. In the meantime, stay true to yourself and always know that you are an inspiration to your adoring fans, which are MANY!!!!

  22. Candace Campbell said:

    Jill I left multiple messages regarding pretentious, social climber Alex’s treatment/harassment and many regarding my astonishment at Ramona’s unthinkable remarks about you and LuAnn and her daughter. Stunning behavior, really obnoxious from the blonds at the reunion…and I am a blond in Michigan! I have a great fear you won’t return and I have expressed that too. I believe Bravo believes in creating its own skew and that is their prerogative. You made that show in my view. Thank you for being a lady.