Official Trailer From Night Of The Wild!!

I’m SO excited! My movie is coming out! It premieres Saturday October 3 at 9PM EST on the Scfy Channel. PLEASE tune in, it is lots of fun. If you are on Twitter, I will be tweeting live after the movie.¬† Below is a description of the movie and the trailer. Let me know what you think.

Love Jill  XO

When a large meteor crashes into a quiet town, pet dogs become mysteriously aggressive – attacking and killing the residents. Now the citizens are forced to fight back against their once beloved companions.

Click here to watch trailer


One Response to “Official Trailer From Night Of The Wild!!”

  1. Deborah said:

    Ok, need help…….I’ve tried to find this on scfy and looked under Jill’s name in search…….there is nothing there for this movie tomorrow night. I am in CST……..anyone