My personal photos from September 11, 2001

I have never shared my personal photos from September 11, 2001. My heart is breaking as tears fall from my face as I look at them today. Everywhere we went there were posters looking for loved ones. Today I would like to share some of my picture with you. NEVER FORGET.

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36 Responses to “My personal photos from September 11, 2001”

  1. Lori Blanchette said:

    Jill, thank you for sharing your photos. These photos are very humbling and powerful.

  2. Elen said:

    Thank you for sharing! May all those who perished Rest in Peace!

  3. Brooke Cafearo said:

    Truly heartbreaking! I remember sitting in my History class when a teacher came in and turned the TV on. I was 15 years old. I live in the Isle of Man, UK but the pain I felt for all those people was incredible! Ill never forget that day.
    Jill, thanks for sharing your personal pictures.
    All the best!

  4. susan mc loughlin said:

    I am an Irish citizen,living in Ireland, and I will never forget that day, I still cry when I watch documentaries, my heart goes out to the Thousands of people who lost loved ones.

  5. Marcy said:

    Thanks for sharing! I will never forget!

  6. Marion Rusling said:

    God bless – from us all in the UK XXX

  7. Brittany Jo said:

    Thank you for sharing these.. It hard to believe that this happened at all let alone 13 years ago.. #neverforget #americanstrong

  8. Nicole M said:

    Have always wondered where all of you Housewives were that day and what the impact was on each of you personally.

    Thank you for sharing Jill! Have a great day!

    Nicole 🙂

  9. jolene mckenzie said:

    Hi jill i thinks its very brave of u to share your photos as i cant imagine the pain u and all ur fellow americans must fill.thanks for sharing it brought a tear to my eyes.kind regards jolene from the uk .xx

  10. Jacqueline said:

    ~ there are no words…~ thanks for sharing… xo ~

  11. Jacqueline said:

    ~ thank you for sharing, there are no words…~ xo~

  12. Brenda Stallings said:

    Simply beautiful….. I know why you couldn’t share them until now. Thanks for “YOUR” view of 9/11

  13. Justin said:

    Thank you for sharing. Brings tears to my eyes thinking of everyone affected during that horrific day. Thinking about you and your family today.

  14. Jamie Hicks said:

    Thank You for sharing that.

  15. Emma Littlewood said:

    A picture can tell a thousand words! RIP to all the victims of the world trade centre disaster! #emmaUk

  16. Sherry said:

    Sorry Jill, it has saddened all of us and changed our lives forever.

  17. Debbie Norton said:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures… The images and events of that day will be etched in our minds and hearts forever❤️

  18. Susie Brown said:

    Thank you for sharing these heartwarming pictures, I cannot imagine living in that area when this happened.Here 13 years later and it feels like yesterday. I have been glued to the tv all day hearing the stories again and again, glued to my chair! Again thank you for sharing. Please come back on tv with some show, you were my favorite housewife and the show is terrible to watch. By the way, your new hairstyle makes you look 20 younger. Hope Bobby and Ali are doing ok…. I miss seeing all of you❤️

  19. Carlos Reyes said:

    Thank you for sharing, these are some great pictures of a day we should never forget,



  20. Darlene said:

    Such amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing .
    A day we will never forget .

  21. grace martin said:

    Thank you for sharing these moments captured on film, you caught a time capsule, stay stronge always, bless you now and always x

  22. grace martin said:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures you captured a moments in time, a capsule, a very brave thing to do, be stronge now and forever, bless you always x

  23. grace martin said:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures you captured moments in time, a capsule, a very brave thing to do, be stronge now and forever, bless you always x

  24. Linda Burandt said:


    Thank you for sharing. I watched everything from in front of my TV screen. I can’t imagine how it was to be there, right in the midst of it. May your heart continue to mend. When something like that happens…it changes us. We are in control of how that change presents itself. Thank you for always being an inspiration and for the joy you share with others. I always enjoyed you on RHONYC – you always seemed so down to earth. God bless you!!

  25. Marty Marterella said:

    Great pictures. Thank you Jill.

  26. Eloise said:

    Thank you Jill..sharing helps us heal..

  27. Debra said:

    They are very powerful pictures.I lived in NY for 5 years in the eighties and whenever l see photo’s from that day, my Heart Breaks just a little more, even all the way from Australia.My heart cries for NY.

  28. Evie Buhner said:

    Thank you for sharing. I was there under the second plane as it hit the WTC.

  29. Evie Buhner said:

    No one should ever forget what happened to all the innocent. Today we call it collateral damage, so sad. I was under the second plane as hit the WTC. Horrific,still can’t handle the drone of planes overhead. Peace be with you.

  30. Nina Cacic said:

    Thank you for sharing these touching photographs Jill. Absolutely made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. G-d bless you and your family.

  31. Juana said:

    Thank you for sharing! I found out August 28th I was pregnant after 8 months of infertility then 9/11 happened and I thought I was crazy for bringing a child into this world. My children have never known life without war. I now have CHF and have learned to cherish every moment as they are so precious. My meds mess with my memory but I remember 9/11 clearly. I often wonder about the women that were pregnant and the father was a victim, our heroes and how the survivors are today.

  32. Alison said:

    Oh my God. I have somee pictures too but definitely not this close. Thank you for sharing Jill. Brings tears to my eyes.

  33. Jamie said:

    Thank you for reminding me what that day & time was like. When you loose
    Loved ones it feels like people seem to forget the lives of people who
    Made the biggest impact in our lives. I know you have a big heart Jill, & it’s very
    Real when I look at pics of some of my Moms last days battling her Cancer , when you took her for a pedicure. I hope everyone realizes what a genuine
    Humanitarian you truly are

  34. sandy said:

    Thanks for the photos.we as humans need to have empathy for one another,these pictures share that.

  35. sue said:

    It’s a day people will always remember where they were and what they were brother was in New York the day before in the south tower on business he was in his hotel trying to phone us in England for several hours . He thankfully got back to the u.k safely .he knew some of the people that died .I thank god he survived.but feel for those that lost someone

  36. Heather Hargreaves said:

    In Australia I remember turning on the radio early in the morning. Omg I said to my husband something has happened in America. Will never ever forget that morning.thanks Jill