Ask Jill: Let's Talk Golf, NJ Housewives And Talk Show Possibilities – Southampton, NY –

Let’s Talk Golf, NJ Housewives And Talk Show Possibilities – Southampton, NY –

Jill Zarin answers questions about New Jersey Housewives and other items. Image courtesy of Google Images

Southampton – Is it July already? I don’t believe it! It has been raining non-stop for the past four weeks. I have been trying desperately to come here [the Hamptons] and keep getting pulled back to NYC for one thing or the other. Bobby hurt his back last week and we had to stay in the city for the weekend.

Since we had to stay, Allyson and I went to the Fashion Show Finale at Cipriani Downtown at 10 a.m. on Friday. The last time I was there we shot our reunion show so it brought back memories. We were quickly escorted to the Green room upstairs. When we walked in we ran into all the Housewives of New Jersey, all the girls from NYC Prep, Laura Bennett from Project Runway (who has made some great clothes for me!), Alex, Ramona (who overslept but made it in time), and AJ Calloway from “Extra.” I have to say Danielle is prettier in person and smaller. The energy was very tense and uncomfortable. Being the mother hen of the group, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her children and Allyson felt the same way and tried to talk to them. Danielle definitely loves the attention as do most of the housewives do and it will be hard to imagine the season two storyline. I loved the NJ show and now am getting ready for Atlanta! Set your TIVO – it starts the end of July.

I have very little to say about NYC Prep except that it is embarrassing and Allyson and her friends’ and life is NOTHING like what is portrayed on that show. Nothing, (or I have a huge “case of” denial?).

I came out for the Hampton Hills Celebrity Golf Classic yesterday. I had the best time. I played with some serious golfers, Peter Worth, a former PGA golfer and his partner – three men and me. There were only three ladies in the entire tournament. I was there to support Chris Duhon’s charity for rebuilding basketball courts in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. I met Justin Tuck, a giant NY Giant, Richard Johnson, editor of ‘Page 6’ from the New York Post and his family (he has an adorable little girl), Amelia Dogwiler of Brown Harris Stevens, Lee Fryd of Newsday and lots of other friends.

The weather was finally nice. They served breakfast, BBQ lunch and a full buffet dinner. Almost every hole had a special bar drink and beautiful young ladies to serve. I played with a brand new set of Beres Pink Clubs and thanks to them and the pressure of playing with some serious guys, I hit a 220-yard drive off a Par 4 hole.

Who knew I could play golf? I have played a few times in the past but I hit the ball off the tee almost every hole. Though we played best ball to move the game along faster (it still took us five hours to play!) we actually played my ball on one stroke on one hole. This may not sound exciting to you, but this was my goal of the day. Honestly, someone cheated on another team. We played six under PAR with a PGA pro and no one there was even close to his level. Even though we should have won (I am a sore loser I guess!) I had the BEST time and can’t wait for next year.

From Cyndee in Boston:

What do you think of the New Jersey Housewives? It seems like they are just trying to copy you girls, right?

I love the NJ girls show. I like watching how other people live, period. As long as I think it is real. I think that is why reality shows are so successful. I think we all have a little voyeur in us. They are definely not copying us. We all do our own thing and
hopefully build off each other’s success. Thank you for watching!

How’s your daughter – will you get to spend a lot of time with her this summer?

I am so excited that Allyson is home this summer. She is working full-time for a fashion PR firm in NYC. She comes to the Hamptons on the weekends. Since I have to be in the city a few days a week, we hang out at night since she doesn’t have homework! She is growing up so fast. She is learning how to drive and will have her license in a few months. I remember when she was just a little girl going to camp on Butter Lane.

Would you ever consider doing your own television show without the other girls?

I have been approached by a few production companies about my own talk show. I just signed with CAA and they are helping me figure out what is next for me. I like being on a show but also enjoy behind the scenes. I am working on a few TV pilots, am the Brand Ambassador for Kodak, writing a book, buidling a newsletter forum for special sales and events (sign up for my newsletter at, working with on a fashion social network and so many other projects I can’t talk about yet. Everyone says I should have my own talk show and might consider one after Ally goes to college, though Bobby wants to travel so we have to see if I can do both.

Are you happy that Bethenny has a boyfriend and has a bestselling book out because you seem to root for everyone to be happy?

No one is happier for Bethenny than me except maybe Gloria? We (my family) root for all the people we love!
Do Ramona and the Countess have any kind of friendship off camera?

Not really. Sorry!

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14 Responses to “Ask Jill: Let's Talk Golf, NJ Housewives And Talk Show Possibilities – Southampton, NY –”

  1. Vicki said:

    Hi Jill,
    It’s me, Vicki. Always commenting. LOL. Are you the energizer bunny rabbit? How do you find time for all of this?
    I agree with you about the silly show ” Prep kids, “. I have never seen such a bunch a spoiled and arrognant brat’s in my life. If I were a parent of one of these children, I would run and hide my head in shame. But as my husband said, ” the parents are probably just like them, as their behavior is a learned habit.” Very sad, right Jill?
    Danielle Staub looks tall in the show, and her skin seems so clear and pretty. It is amazing how different people look in person. Who is your favorite New Jersey wife? Orange County Wife ?
    What a shame Ramona and the Countess do not have a relationship off camera. I hope this changes before filming begins, or this could be tense filming for everyone.
    Great golfing, Jill, and hope Bobby is feeling better. Tell Ally and Gloria ” hello “, and enjoy your week.

  2. vincent armstrong said:

    will the be a 3rd season of real house wives of nyc, we dont get it here in ireland but i have found season 1 and 2 online and now im hooked,
    thanks x

  3. Margaret Selikoff said:

    There is a rumor I hope you can address. You have twittered about a “friend” who always seems ready for a “fight” the last two months. The rumor is that it is Bethenny. Why comment on a “fight” with any close, personal friend on Twitter? What is the truth, Jill?


  4. Lbryant said:

    Will there be another season for NYC Housewives? If so, do you know when?

  5. Julie Halvorsen said:


    I hope you are appalled at the NYC Prep show. They seem to be so proud to be so independent from their parents and being on their own. All I see are rich, incredibly self-righteous, spoiled teenagers who think they are acting like adults but don’t see how unbelievably ridiculous they look. Unfortunately, the teens who may watch the show probably want to be like them. They are so easily impressed at that age. I can’t stand to watch it. I don’t see your daughter acting in such a way.

  6. Heather Ives said:


    Tell Allyson not to worry, she’s a classy young lady who has her head on straight and anyone can see she’s nothing like those brats on NYC Prep. Ugh.

    I’m a golf nut as well, just another reason to stay on Team Zarin!

    I think you’re much nicer re. the NJ housewives than needed but that’s our Jill.

    Keep on keepin’ on, lady. You are one awesome human being.

  7. Jill Finkelstein said:

    Hi Jill,

    I absolutely love you on the show and I am so happy with how much publicity you have brought to Juvenile Arthritis. I was diagnosed at 17 months old with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and now I am 22. Tell Ally if she ever needs advice, I’d be happy to share my experiences and knowledge with her. I would love to get involved with Creaky Joints. Is there a way I can?


  8. CJ said:

    Like others, I’d be sad to hear if it was Bethenny you were tweeting about. It’s your friendship that has a lot of people watching the show. Women can really relate to how important and intense women’s friendships can be.

    But I wouldn’t be suprised if things were still festering after that finale fight. Other people saw fury with Bethenny. I saw fear. If you could tell her to leave over signage, then trusting that your frienship is unbreakable may be hard. And it seems trust and loyalty are huge to her. I think it would take a lot for her to give that trust and it was thrown in her face over signs so I could see that fights could be picked with that as the underlying issue. Reminds me of the latest Pink song. I know she has her own issues too and I hope the book and boyfriend success hasn’t gone to her head.

    I said this after the fan club dust up – I worry that trappings of fame are playing out here and that it could be changing you. The 3rd season may get great ratings, yet may be very sad to watch ie Jon & Kate. I’m still rooting for you both and would love to be proven wrong, but I have sinking feeling about watching next season that your advice to Kelly could come back to haunt you and your image could be tarnished if some of these rumors going around are true.

    For both your sakes, I hope you and Bethenny make the 3rd season a great one, then let the show go before your authenticity goes. The addiction of fame is a strong one. Look where it got MJ. And no one thinks that will be them.

    I know Bethenny has her own issues and I hope the book and boyfriend success hasn’t gone to her head.

  9. Ann said:

    I thought Ally had said the kids on NYC Prep were her friends, and she helped get some of them on the show. From her first week’s blog:

    Quote from her blog, “Kelli – Not sure what to make of her. I do go to school with her and I did help get her on the show, and I have to say she is really sweet, not sure if that side showed in this episode.”

    And another quote, “P.S: I do know all of these kids and I must say that they are all really nice and fun.”

    So how can the things you and Ally are seeing surprise you, if these are friends of hers?

  10. Laura from TX said:

    I don’t blame the Countess…. I wouldn’t be friends with Ramona even if Bravo gave “me” my own show !
    I heard Bravo is holding a casting call because you and Ramona are still negotiating your contract. It said Ramona wanted more $ and air time claiming to be the “star” of the show.
    I say, don’t waste air time on Ramona and YOU should get a HUGE FAT Raise and Bonus !

  11. Stephanie said:

    Hi Jill, I love to watch you on RHNYC. My question is why do you wear a white glove on your hand while playing tennis? I noticed that when you were playing with Simon. I am a huge tennis fan and was bummed that Justin Gimelstop wasn’t able to partner with you for the big match!

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

    Best regards,
    Stephanie J.

  12. Venessa said:

    Jill! I was just watching E! Entertainment News and they reported that Bravo was looking for two new housewifes to replace you and Ramona. PLEASE! don’t leave that show! You are the only reason why I watch it!!!!