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Jill Zarin Signs Endorsement Deal With Streit’s Matzos

I am honored to announce that I have signed a deal to represent food company Streit’s Matzos. Streit’s has been a longtime favorite of my family and I am thrilled to be working with them. If you would like more information on Streit’s…please visit their website linked below. Streit’s Matzos

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A Few Words From A Friend To Help You Stay Positive

A friend of mine sent me this today and I want to share it with you. XO “A few weeks ago I was sitting in line at a drive-up waiting to order breakfast. I was running late and was irritated at the world for my tardiness. The woman directly in front of me received the […]

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A Word From Judea Pearl Regarding “The Death of Klinghoffer” And Terrorism.

Judea Pearl is the father of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter murdered by al Qaeda in 2002. Below are the remarks he prepared for a protest at Monday night’s opening of the Metropolitan Opera, whose season is to include “The Death of Klinghoffer,” an opera widely criticized as justifying terrorism. — The Editors […]

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My personal photos from September 11, 2001

I have never shared my personal photos from September 11, 2001. My heart is breaking as tears fall from my face as I look at them today. Everywhere we went there were posters looking for loved ones. Today I would like to share some of my picture with you. NEVER FORGET.

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Jill Zarin Joins Lady Sheila Stable Two

Sheila Rosenblum, owner of Lady Sheila Stable, recently announced a new endeavor in the horse racing industry as manager of a syndicate that will rely significantly on female investors. Lady Sheila Stable Two, the newly launched syndicate, has began racing this summer. Jill Zarin is one of the investors. For more info, watch the video below.

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