We found something!

CHOCOLATE..yes chocolate. Go to www.jillzarinchocolate.com for information. Ally says it works…Bobby loves the cookie for breakfast..and I feel great ( and like the fact that I can eat 3-5 pieces a day with permission and not get fat!). Yes..this is multilevel marketing…BUT..if it works…who cares? Ally tried Mon Avie and said it tasted aweful that […]

Cruise to the Med!

Bobby and I are traveling on the Seaborne Ship to Greece this week. We just left Delphi and are on our way to Mikonos. We are members of Exclusive Resorts and this is one of the Once in a Lifetime Trips they offer. We have met many new people on the trip and are having […]

July Weekend Update!

Friday night we went to a friends birthday dinner followed by a “drive by” at Pink Elephant. We met lots of cute girls for Bobby’s son and his friends, danced, and then departed. Saturday, Bobby and I went to opening day of Polo in Bridgehampton and I took Sarah Erhrlich with me to hand out […]

Happy Fourth of July!

Every year, Bobby and I open our home to our family and friends ( and sometimes party crashers!) on July 4th. Last year was a total wash out. It didn’t just pour, it was like a hurricane with wind! This year was close. It was overcast all day. We were setting it up outside, knowing […]

Summer Update from the Hamptons

Finally the summer is here! Do you feel it in the air? The warmth and humidity. Personally I love it! I am always freezing and Bobby always warm so he is not happy! However..the stores and restaurants pump up the AC so much that I always carry a sweater with me. Crazy? So have you […]


Anyone who knows me – lifetime friends or new acquaintances – will tell you that I’m very passionate about raising awareness, and funds, for special causes. We all have a cause that is near and dear to our heart. Mine is my family, and their health. My daughter Ally was diagnosed at age 13 with […]