Jill Zarin On WPIX Morning Show

Here is a clip of Jill Zarin on the WPIX morning Show talking about Skweez Couture shapewear.

WPIX Morning Show


10 Responses to “Jill Zarin On WPIX Morning Show”

  1. Sandy said:

    I know this is unrelated, but I know you read your blog
    Hey Miss Jill!!

    How are ya! How are ya? Just a schlepping all over the country???!!! Oy vay!

    Because you and your mother are such relationship and child rearing mavens, I would
    love your take on the whole Kim Kardashian marriage/break up with a Jewish Mother opinion?

    I understand the man allowing the woman to be a peacock, but is it your opinion the Kardashian women
    are just demanding to be the peacock in the relationship or just self centered? Where does the line
    get drawn of a woman playing the peacock?

    Personally, I think Kris Kardashian has raised her daughters to be very cold, immature, and selfish. That’s my take. I don’t think any man can make any of those women happen and I really don’t think they are happy being themselves. Really, why are they famous? Their dad is an attorney, big wow, you and your husband own Zarin Fabrics, I don’t see Ally riding on your coat tails and if you ask me she is a much better role model for young ladies.

    I think these gals are awful role models for young girls and the young girls watch them. I would love for you to give some kind of insight of this whole Kardashian thing and your opinion as Kris as a mother.

    Maybe you should send all the gals a copy of your book and maybe they can learn a few things?

    Sandy Slater

  2. Mveeluz said:

    Hi. Mom2mom here’s my take. Then we don’t watch these kinds of USELESS programs and encourage, encourage & set an example to our children (esp raising daughters) that material things come and go, it’s temporary, but what truly matters is the heart and soul inside all of us that last the lifetime.

  3. Tasha said:

    Love u Jill, your the best one love u and your family, dont worry about Simon he is a gay man wanting to come out, he bitches due to being jealous, you are wonderful
    love watching you

  4. Diane said:

    I have been watching you here in the Uk and I think you and your family are just lovely. You are by far the most real and honest housewife on the show. A pity Romona and Sonja cannot take a leaf out of your book. One is a jealous demented drunk and the other is boastful bragging bitch !(also very jealous) You are a pure lady with lots of love and wisdom which you cannot buy ! Best wishes to you and your family. 🙂 xxx

  5. Diane said:

    PS Don’t even get me started on Simon and Alex they are just too creepy for words.

  6. tracy said:

    just watched this clip and thought you were great. Thought you were the best thing about Housewives of NYC along with LuAnne and Kelly and Cindy, didn’t like Alex much or Ramona, Sonja came over as a bit of a peace maker and quite nice.

    Thank you for being you Jill and for being straight out with it, contrary to what some may think you are great and have such love for your husband (who I think is a lovely man) your daughter and your step kids,you’ve lit up my dull, grey days here in a dull grey London over the past few months, long may you continue to have the love of you family without that you have nothing!

    I think a certian housewife or two is just bloody jelous of what you have and wishes they had one tenth of what you have.

    Good one yer mate!


  7. Poppy said:

    A big hello and farewell from the beautiful countryside of Sussex, UK! Just finished watching season 4 of RHONY and sad to see your not in season 5! Loved the show! xxxxx

  8. Poppy said:

    I also recommend coming down to Sussex and staying in Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club for a few nights, you will not be dissapointed! xx

  9. tracy said:

    just wanted to say I’ll miss you from housewives of NYC but am so gald that you have a distance from certian so called friends.

    Mrs McCord and Mrs Singer wouldn’t last 5 minutes here in London that’s for sure!

  10. Kristine said:

    I am soooooo over the Kardashians. Why would I want to buy anything from them. I am so tired of making the rich and famous more rich and famous. I am for the unknown now. The trickle down hasn’t so far. I buy from the unknown and shop at the mom & pops again. And many of my people say same thing. I love ya Jill, but I think instead of promoting the big dogs sell your items in the smaller stores too. Everyones on HSN & QVC now too. I am tired that these no talent put their name and people keep making them richer. Jill has a product she knows ans has her name on it and I trust she beleives in it and its quality. I wish I could meet someone to help promote me. I would love an oportunity. But Im not Kim or Snookie. Women in their 40’s dont get chances anymore. Unless you know the rich & famous. I liked Jill went out of her way to help a friend. Unknown. Look what happened. B didn’t appreciate what Jill did for her. Friends….. Why can’t women of a certain age meet new friends and have a true friendship??? We talk about this all the time. I am a loyal, funny, smart, careing, dependable, friend. I am blessed with many. But I can’t seem to meet or find other women wanting a new friend this late in life. WHY? This is the age we need it. I have been wanting a great gay man too LOL can’t find him either. What’s wrong with wanting new friends?