Jill Zarin On Showbiz Tonight

Here is a clip from ShowBiz Tonight with Jill Zarin talking about season 5 of The Real Housewives Of New York City.

Showbiz Tonight


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  3. Lisa said:

    If you are not returning to the case of RHNY, I will NOT be returning as a viewer. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning, and without you, it’s not worth watching.

  4. susie q. said:

    When will u tell us if u r coming back or not?

  5. Sindysue said:

    Why r u ladies not comming back next season????

  6. DAILYNEWSONLINE.INFO » Jill Zarin » Jill Zarin On Showbiz Tonight said:

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  7. Susie said:

    We heard today that Jill may not be coming back. Our household of 5 adults love Jill so if she doesnt return IDK if we will watch…

  8. Shirley said:

    You are my favorite. Please don’t leave!!!!!!!!

  9. Shirley said:

    You are my favorite, Please don’t leave!!!!!!!!

  10. john hughes said:

    I love you on the show. I hope you stay on.

  11. Dottie said:

    Jill, please do not leave the housewives, What will I have to look forward to, I really love you

  12. Lin said:

    Jill — I HOPE you will be on the show this season. Can’t imagine it without you.

  13. Calinda said:

    Well, I like the Countess and Sonja, but I certainly won’t be watching. I find it hilarious that everyone who stood up to Ramona is gone, good luck to the new castmembers surviving her bullying. Bravo’s hubris is unreal, after two cancelled franchises they should realize their casting department isn’t what it used to be and their format isn’t so successful they can just plug any old random person into it.

  14. Monika said:

    So sad to hear you wont be back on rhony!

  15. Micky said:

    If you and Kelly do not return I will definitely stop watching the show. You, Kelly and the Countess were my favorites.

  16. Mary Archer said:

    You were the reason I started to watch RHONY and your departure will cause me to stop watching it unless I hear you are guest appearing. You should do your own talk show – you are inspiring and I’d love to have such an honest and fun and supportive friend. Huge fan – huge. 🙂

  17. penny o,brien said:

    Hope you come back, if not i am done watching.You are too funny and your friendship with LuAnne and Kelly is so real as opposed to that Alex. Half the time she looks like she wishes you dead and the other half is spent sucking up to Ramona. How she can forgive everyone all the time except you is extremly puzzling to me, and not buying her reasoning at all. All the best.

  18. Joni said:

    Jill, at first I didn’t know about you. But I have to say I have grown to love you on the show. You are very true to yourself & others. I enjoy that about you. You really stepped up this year. Now the only person they have coming back is LuAnne that I like now. I will not be tuning into listen to Ramona & Sonja. I’m very disappointed your not returning. Best wishes to you.

  19. andrea said:

    I definitely won’t be watching housewives if you aren’t on. You were by far the best person on the show. Who wants to watch ramona and sonja drink all day and make fills out of themselves? Worst decision Bravo!

  20. Brandi said:

    If you are not there I an not watching…I would love to see you get your own show… I think you are the Realist HW on the show…

  21. Lauren said:

    You are the only one with any sense at all, Jill. I can’t stand Ramona or the self styled countess. You and Bobby are the only real people with any decency on the show. If you are not on, neither will my TV be on! Best of luck to you and Bobby.

  22. Mveeluz said:

    My thoughts are, you, Kelly and Cindy have bigger and brighter things after RHONY because you guys have good hearts and good things happen to good people.
    With opinions going both ways, the smart people knows when ‘enough is enough’ and it’s better to bow out now instead of later whne the whole RH franchise burns itself with very negative publicity. It is, actually, getting to THAT point where viewers are soooo OVER with ALL the RH dramas.
    Your ungrateful exBF (Hoppy) will not last, too. She is emotionally bankrupt and people will see that she instigated this whole smear campaign about you as the ‘meangirl’ and Kelly going ‘coco’. There is this thing called KARMA.
    RHONY won’t be great without you, kelly and cindy with LuAnne.
    Bravo should keep all the brunettes and outed the fake blondes–they were an embarassment to the people of NYC!!

  23. jay p said:

    It’s for the best, good luck in the future Jill.

  24. Sherry said:

    Sorry Andy and Bravo…..you guys have managed to ruin the best group in all the RH series. No Jill……no viewers. Ramona is and has been out of control and is not the least bit entertaining to watch.

  25. debbie said:

    jill, your my fav of all the house wifes ( you keep it real) im watching from the uk we are on series two but we get to see it every week day , so we are moving through each series quickly.. im sad to here you are leaving.. good luck for any new progects you have.. just want to say Ramona AArrrrgggghhhh is she crazy or what????? the woman is a nightmare

  26. david said:

    sorry to hear you won’t be on housewives any more, but i really wish you hadn’t lost your way and become so mean….back in the day when it was you and bethany, it was the best….now all you did was fight and say mean things and didn’t seem to have a real story….hope you can learn and grow from this experience !!!

  27. Mary from Jersey said:

    NO JILL NO KELLY? NOT WORTH WATCHING ANYMORE! big mistake Andy and Bravo, you will find out that you kept the wrong “HOUSEWIVES” Ramona is out of control, Sonja is boring and LuAnn without Jill just isn’t! Way to go, ruin a good show! What’s next?

  28. John M said:

    RHNY is my favorite RH genre. However if your not on it, I wont watch it. I hope what I am hearing is not true!

  29. Victoria Berger said:

    There is no show with out you period!!!

  30. Pammy said:

    The gods (and Bravo) must be crazy You and your family made RHONY fun to watch while the others made me hit FF. Best wishes Jill!

  31. Lainie said:

    You are the best character out of all the housewives shows…. I won’t watch without you… I am so sad. This is the first time I have ever responded about anything on a blog…

  32. Lainie said:

    You are the best housewife out of all of the shows. I won’t watch without you. Good luck. This is the first comment I have ever written on any blog… That’s how upset I am that you are leaving… I could have lived with Romana going…jeez

  33. cheryl said:

    without you and Kelly the show really has nothing, 2 drunks and 1 really sweet
    LuAnn. I loved the show and enjoyed you all. How could Bravo keep an alcoholic
    (ramona-and sometimes her side kick) But without you and kelly the show will be in the ground.-Stay true to yourself,you have sooooo much to offer.Most of all