Jill Zarin On Good Morning America

Here is a clip of Jill’s appearance on Good Morning America where she discusses Real Housewives, Skweez Couture and her feelings about the “Housewives” franchise.

Good Morning America


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  1. Lara Pitre said:

    Jill, you are a woman who deserves respect, love, loyalty, & companionship from your friends. Obviously Ramona, Sonja, & Alex (along with the producers of the show) are not your friends. Keep your head held high. You are not on their level & for that I am grateful. I have loved you on this show & I cannot wait to see what you will do next!

  2. Theresa said:

    Wow really not happy with this.. Jill is one of the good ones really sorry to see her go ..as for Kelly ,Alex. Cindy goodbye never like them at all letting Jill go not good she is up front & to the point that is what i like about her but i guess they did not … Jill& Bethenly Luann even Romona they tell it how it is ..They are real don’t think i will be watching any more now that Jill is going i like Luann& Romona but with Jill gorn it wont be good and i only like the NYHW&NJHW well don’t have time now ..really sorry they did this oh well …Best of Luck Jill

  3. Eric Anderson said:

    I predict you’ll end up doing something great! Celebrity Apprentice would be awesome! I’d watch “The Talk” if you were on it everyday!

  4. Eric Anderson said:

    You’d be great on “The Talk” or “Celebrity Apprentice” now that you are free from Bravo

  5. Cindi Meyer said:

    Jill was to good for all the shit she had to put with on the show…love you Jill and you will do better then anyone else on the show…..

  6. barbara said:

    THE NEW YORK CITY HOUSEWIVES will never make it without you, Jill. You were the glue that held the show together

  7. Miriam Lack said:

    Jill you are so right, if everyone always got along on the show and there was no drama, what would be the attraction, really?? I am curious how next season will turn out as a result of the shake-up. You were my fav, especially loved the dynamic between you and Bethenny early in the series. My friend and I always laugh about the track scene with “Black Joe, White Bethenny, and Jewish Jill”, and the scene when you accompanied Bethenny apartment shopping – hilarious. Best of luck to you, you will be missed!

  8. lindablomquist said:

    Dear Jill:

    I really liked you and your personality and business sense. Bethany conspired to getting you off. Not her fan and never will be. Hope really good things come to you and your family and I love how you and Bobby were so close. Really, Ramona! Oh well won’t be watching anymore.

  9. Donna said:

    Rhony will never make it without you!!

  10. Miss Alaska said:

    Jill, You are :)amazing! unbelievable the show didnt give you ladys more notice they dropped you weeks before the new episode was due to shoot.shame on bravo for that and for making the armstrong suicide a drama money maker.I will not watch the show anylonger..Your the one who inspired many and we will follow you always and we wish you the best.Hugs

  11. Aliyah said:

    Can’t believe you won’t be on the show anymore. This sucks! It makes no sense you are the best housewife.

  12. Aliyah said:

    I can’t believe you won’t be on NYC Housewives anymore. This sucks! You are the best Housewive. The show won’t be the same.

  13. nancy herrmann said:

    Jill,what were the powers that be thinking!!! I really don’t think I will be watching any more. The bunch of you deffinately represented a real group of friends with ups and downs. We all know crazies, boozers and loose and easy girls. To me it is the fun of life. I really wish I could react more like you do. Sure you all have big bucks, however we all are the same. Love ya!!!

  14. steve said:

    well this is the final straw.. the past season was the nuttiest season of any show on TV. and to cut a :jill” from the show, makes absolutely no sense.. ramona is a manipulator0-10 years from now she’ll be sucking her pino out of a strw blowing spit bubbles in a corner… im done with that show. shame on you bravo, and good bye..

  15. justlovejill said:

    So you get slammed on the internet and this is how it ends? I won’t watch it anymore. I am sure I am not the only one. The show is dead on arrival now

  16. Mary Ann said:

    I don’t know why they took you off & left Phony LuAnn. I will say I am glad they took off Cindy & Kelly. I seriously think Kelly has mental problems. Cindy was so self centered that she was not even fun to watch. Good luck to you in whatever life has for your next star performance. I will miss seeing your darling husband so maybe the two of you should have your own reality show ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sandra Clement said:

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard. I’ve never known of Bravo to shuffle the cast of any show like this before. I probably won’t watch anymore. I really liked Bethany (haven’t bothered with her new show) and I liked Jill from the 1st episode that I ever saw. I didn’t like Ramona from the beginning. I guess I can still read people, I knew there was something phoney about her.
    I’m a bigger fan of Jill’s now than I ever was and will be following her now. I feel bad for the other girls, but, I’ve never liked them like I Jill. Jill seems like so much fun and though she’s one some shady things, you always new why. Ramona has always been a Bitch, right from the beginning. And Alex. Wow! I never thought much about her before, but, she went after Jill with vengeance and was mean spirited. Jill, please do Celebrity Apprentice. As for “The Talk” they seem to fire people in a sleazy manner as well. I like you very much, Jill, and wish you and your family all the Best.

  18. rita said:

    I am done with this show after the stupid move they made with
    letting you go.Who in their right minds can stand an hour with

  19. Anthony said:

    Jill, you are a class act all the way and I just love you. Bravo has made a terrible mistake in dropping you from the RHNYC- but you will no doubt continue on your way and prosper with your head held high and no regrets! All the best to you Jill. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. ann said:

    Jill -you STAND ALONE! Film yourself out and about and post videos on your blog, facebook and youtube, so we your friends can keep up with you. I am interested in what you are doing. Great things happen to those who forgive and walk in love. hope to see great things from you soon!

  21. sherry said:

    Very sorry that you will not be on the show anymore. i quess it is great for you to be traveling around the country having fun, but for me it would be nicer if you had your own show with a definite time to be spending with you.Catching you at crazy times is not like having a visit from you eery day.
    You are the wallpaer in my living room, and I am comfortable with it.LOL

  22. Crystal McDonald said:

    I am happy for you and your future, but I am also thrilled you will not be returning, you are toxic to the show. It will be way more positive!

  23. Tanya said:

    Buh-bye RHONY! After watching every episone, I won’t be watching now that you are gone. You’re on to bigger and better things, but it still stings.. You gave your life to that show and to be let go like this is hurtful I’m sure.. I thought you were the most genuine, the most compassionate, the most caring of all.. Weird that they chose to keep Ramona? I guess crazy always wins out in tv land.. Good luck lady!

  24. M said:

    anti-semitism raises its ugly head once again. Bethany is a coward and I know it hurts you. she pulled an Anakin-Darth Vader right before our eyes, but like Vader she will suffer within. Ramona (Darth Sidious) will sit on her throne and enjoy her wicked ways. We can only hope that Bethany will one day wake up and throw her off the Brooklyn Bridge. Jill you are Obi Wan, it pains you, but don’t give in. The force works in mysterious ways.

  25. becky gard said:

    Dear Jill
    I have been watching the show from the begining and was lucky enough to visit NYC a few summers ago from my homestate of KANSAS ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ANYWAY!!! I have always said that Ramona was fake and she stirs the pot. That woman has no shame…she insults Lou Anne…what has the audacity to insult Lou Anne for her parenting, while she in front of the world parades her friends to her daughters sweet 16 party, dances all over her husband like a porn star, gets drunk every second she can and justifies it…Ramona is a snake and a weirdo. When my friend called to tell me that some of you had been let go from the show my first thought was RAMONA SINGER….after she was humiliated on the follow up show I am sure she did everything she could to ensure it woudn’t happen again. she is PATHETIC in every way….no wonder her husband cheats on her. Jill you may not be perfect, as no one in life is, but you are a JOY to watch. You are a good friend, wife, and mother. I am sure Bethanny did have her fingers in this too. I tried skinny girl margarita for the first time about six months ago…just wanna say IT SUCKED WAY TO SALTYYY…I am sure Bethanny has drank lots of salty things in her life…maybe that was what was up with the flavoring…anyway JILL sucks to hear your off…I will drop this show from my list and stick with ATLANTA, JERSEY, AND my new fav to replace NYC….BEVERY HILLS!! XOXO DOLL

  26. Sandra clement | Zwazwa said:

    […] Jill Zarin ยป Jill Zarin On Good Morning America […]

  27. Debbie C said:

    There is no way I can watch a show about Ramona (nails on a chalkboard) Singer. Jill, I think you are a lovely lady with a good heart. You always gave people a chance. I’m a nice Jewish girl from LA, CA, my Husband is a great guy…not Jewish. You have been our fave from RH.
    I believe they made a horrible mistake. I have a good sense of these types of things. I’m an award winning publicist and have great judgement in what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, Bravo is heading down the trashy path, so be happy you are not apart of it. It’s turning into the Real Houswives brand into a VH1 type of series.
    You have a wonderfull life, a wonderfull daughter, Husband and Family. Happy New Year Jill. I wish you all the best.
    PS. Everyone should be so blessed to have a friend like you.
    Sincerely, Debbie from Los Angeles

  28. annie hamilton said:

    As I live in the UK we are just catching up. I don’t normally watch anything like this but the show really captured me and my favourite character is you Jill. I come from Glasgow Scotland and can totally relate to your lovely warm, acrib New York banter.
    I shall stop watching when we reach end of season 4. I really liked Bethany but now seeing that she has her problems and does not know or understand how to be a good friend. Having now read all the latest news on this I think it is best to get out whilst it still has some credibility. I wish you all the best of luck to you and your family.

  29. annie hamilton said:

    I live in the UK so just catching up at the point where Bethany has lost the plot. I liked Bethany at first but quickly recognised that she has no idea how to cope with true friendship, I feel for her but she will have her money and perhaps that will give her the happiness she has been after. I never normally watch tv like this but this show captured me. I really like you as a person, you are warm, friendly, funny with that great New York blunt humour. Coming from Glasow Scotland I can relate to that. Now that I have caught up with the news that you are leaving the show I shall now stop watching at the end of series 4 as it all sounds too silly. Probably best that you get out now whilst it has some creditibility. I wish you are your family all the best for the future.

  30. connie emerson said:

    Jill you were my favorite peson on the show, I can,t believe
    they didn’t sack Ramona she was my least favorite, and I found
    the countess kind of phony and haughty, I am no longer interested
    in watching the show, all my best to you in all your endeavors.

  31. Rachel said:

    Hi Jill, just wanted to say you were fantastic on the show, we were watching you from sunny England! We will miss you as you were the star of the show to us and you deserve all the happiness in the world. i know you will move on to bigger and better things, its been a pleasure and an inspiration to watch you and your family.

  32. Gail said:

    I live in UK and have seen every episode of RHNYC, I really enjoy it but wont be watching anymore as you are leaving, Are they mad, you ar the only ‘REAL’ person in the show, I’m sure some of the others are unstable. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like you. I’m sure you will go on to bigger and better things. May I wish you and your family every happiness for the future.

  33. kate said:

    Hi Jill, im in the UK so we are a bit behind just on series 4, and i am shocked that they have let you go! i liked you from the start, you where the only one that was true and honest,u will be sadly missed, and i hope we will see u again on the telly in the UK or even a visit (book tour?)i wish u and your family all the health and happiness in the world!!

  34. kate said:

    Hi Jill, i was shocked when i seen u are no longer going to be a part of the housewives! im in the UK so we are only on the 4th series, u where the only true and honest woman in the show! From my point of view u will be sadly missed, but i hope to see you again on the telly over here at some point in the future, or even a visit to the UK. IO wish you and your family all the health and happiness in the world!! xx