Jill Zarin Exclusive Blog Reunion Pt 2

I’ve had a crazy few days as it’s market week and we have been promoting Skweez Couture By Jill Zarin. I know it is not coming out until September, but I have already seen the Spring collection and I love it so much and I am so excited!! Sign up for Skweez newsletter at SkweezCouture.com to keep up with all of the exciting happenings!
I spent so much lovely time with my family last week. It was a blessing having everyone together. I’m helping Ally get ready to go to her new university. It’s going to be harder for me this year. Last year she was a short train ride away. This year she is attending a school down south and I could go a few months without seeing her. I will miss her terribly and worry about her even more than usual. They grow up too fast.

Can you believe how fast season four went by? I can’t believe it is over. What a
season it was! Morocco, Luann’s music video, meeting and befriending Cindy, and the craziness; so many memories, some good, some not so good, but I try to be myself and believe that I am doing my best to be the best person I can be. Do I always succeed? Of course not. But we are all human. All of us.

I’m still rather upset with Ramona. Not at the fact that she was inaccurate about whether I am an alcoholic or not. But the fact that she found it completely fine to “out” someone in a program that is anonymous. I worry about how this will effect people watching this who may now fear going to AA and getting help with their problem. Ramona claims that she did not know that AA was Alcoholics “Anonymous.” I find that hard to believe. She knows she is wrong. Why can’t she just own up to it?

On my website I have already received letters from people showing concern over Ramona’s careless words. One letter stated that her sister had just joined AA but was now worried that she would be outed and it could effect her new job. This is horrible. There is no shame in going to AA, whether it is for yourself or to support a friend or a loved one. I think Ramona and the rest of us need to realize that there is a responsibility as to how far we should take our snarky remarks and opinions. When you are on television, people get influenced by your words at times. This is not a good message to have out there. I can only hope Ramona takes some time to reflect upon this and realizes where to draw the line in the future. Here is a link to AA for more info. Alcoholics Anonymous

I want to add, I did appreciate Ramona’s public apology to my stepdaughter Jennifer Zarin. Ramona’s words hurt us all deeply, but apology accepted.

Of course Alex never accepts my apologies, that is why I said I was done. Not everyone can be friends, but I believe we can all be cordial and that’s how I intend to be towards her and her husband in the future. I have seen and heard too many things they have said, not just about me, that make me not want to be their friends. It’s as simple as that. I have tried for four years and at some point you have to say “enough” and let go. The constant back and forth of the situation just isn’t healthy.

I really do feel I have changed since last season, but I think Ramona and Alex expected me to change only to their liking. I changed to make myself a better person and to smarten up and realize who my real friends are.

I would like to thank all of you for subscribing to my newsletter. This was my first season of doing weekly newsletters and I am truly grateful to all of you who have written me and shared your opinions and personal stories. Thank you to each and every one of you for your support.

I am still going to do weekly newsletters and I want your input. I am already planning a recipe club, travel tips, etc. Please post your comments on JillZarin.com and tell me what else you would like to see here.

At this point I do not know what the future holds for me on Real Housewives, but as soon as I know I will share it with you.

Jill XO


91 Responses to “Jill Zarin Exclusive Blog Reunion Pt 2”

  1. Bev said:

    Jill, you are gorgeous – inside and out! You might find my daily motto helpful: “Those who anger you, control you”. Like they say, you just can’t fix stupid. Continue to hold your head up high… you are pure CL*SS! I know we can’t say the word. XO

  2. Marisa said:

    Jill, you are by far my favorite housewife, not only for the NY series, but for all of the shows. You are real and you tell it like it is. I really admire the relationship that you have with your husband and daughter. I have a strong feeling that a certain blond haired, crazy eyed lady is just a tad bit jealous and that is why she picks on you so much. Unlike Mario and Simon, Bobby is truly a gentleman. Best of luck with your Skweez line!

  3. chanel said:

    wow Jill…so much love here for you. Thank u for showing me a part of myself. You wear your heart on your sleeve and say what is on your mind always. Sometimes it will get you into trouble, but its who you are!! Why do we have to apologize for that? I have a similar friendship to yours and Bethany’s. By the way, it broke my heart to watch that friendship be manipulated by the other women….it really did. I saw something pure and real between you two and it saddened me to see it dissolve. I hope Bethanny becomes your friend again…..you two had magic. Thank you for showing me that my friendship was headed the same way. Because of you, I’ve looked deep into myself and realized that I need to address some issues.
    Adore you Ramona. Please stay on with RHONY. I can’t watch it if you are gone, and I refuse to watch the demon Alex or the insane Ramona without you there. Hope they ask Alex to leave. She is useless and adds no value to the show. Would love to see Bethanny and you reunite!! Keep being you and keep the faith. Love and Light,

  4. chanel said:

    Sorry Jill!! Typo above!! I meant to say “Adore you JILL”!!! God no, not Ramona!! lol


  5. dena marcel said:

    Hi Jill,

    I know that you and Bethany have a little “thing” but you are my two favorites of all the housewives. As much as I like Bethany – I do understand that she can respond in ways that are a bit unexpected and thorny. I believe that without cameras you two would have been just fine. Meaning, we all say things, which if they were not recorded and dredged up would just diffuse and fade away.

    The one thing I do not understand is WHY, after all the low blows from Ramona, why anyone would still want to be her friend at all. Other people talk about you “loosing friends“…But who would not want to loose Ramona. She is just so mean! The problem is being around Ramona is contagious and Alex is proof. Further more she is a bully and she should be dealt with in that way.

    I think you are great and hope to see you next season!

  6. Tammi said:

    I think when you bring numerous women together there is always going to be some kind of conflict. I think the most important thing is to get less involved with those that trip a trigger in you that you don’t like to come out. We have worked years to have appropriate behavior only to have these few incidences make us look like thugs in cocktail dresses. The most important part of class is not money or education but how you make each other feel. If you remind yourselves of this I think you will come to a more peaceful place.It takes work but it is well worth it. Everyone in the end feels better. Peace out sisters!

  7. Alissia said:

    Hi Jill,

    First, I would like to say thank you for your wonderful performance this season. I truly feel that you are the only one in the group that carries your true identity. Secondly, I want you to remember achievements and failures are a part of our growing lives, this is what makes us human. Do not let anyone make you feel as tho you did something wrong. YOU are your own judge and juror. Women are catty, its like putting makeup on, its a routine. “Its part of a woman’s makeup,get it”. Enjoy your loving family and love yourself always. Lastly, stay focused, remember if you find a path with no obstacles, it probably does not lead anywhere. See you next season, God Bless.

  8. LauraGamm said:

    Jill — I watch the show for you. I can appreciate having difficult times with “friends”. Most of these women, however, are not your friends and you know who I mean specifically. When everything is one-sided — meaning you trying to be better and working toward a friendship, it won’t work. It takes TWO! Everyone should cut Alex loose — all she is trying to be is relevant — which she is not — and she’s trying to “act” her way in a reality show. As for Ramona — as Cindy stated — she has a “bad core”. I agree. I also believe she has a drinking problem — most likely a troubled marriage — and a resentful daughter who probably can’t wait to get out of there! Best wishes to Ally at her new school — best wishes to Gloria whom I think is fabulous — and to you. I think if Ramona and Alex are on next season I will be unable to watch this show any further. I will check in on your web page tho. Best to you and your family, Jill!

  9. annie said:

    Ramona has a problem when she said she only drinks wine that is denial; if she was invited to a party with no wine she would not go (that’s a big red flag) I hope she gets some help

  10. Lizzielou said:

    Have you changed? I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if we’ve ever really seen the real you. There is so much petty drama on that show and I think you (and a few others) get caught up in it. I enjoyed seeing you away from the ladies: shooping with your daughter, scenes with Bobby.

    Ramona used to be one of my favs, but I was disappointed when she tried to out you for going to AA. She made it sound like there was something wrong with attending meetings. And I don’t appreciate her thanking God for being a functioning alcoholic and joking about being one for the next 50 years. (Or whatever she said). It’s not a joke. A very dear friend of mine was a functioning alcoholic until he ended his own life by shooting himself in the head. He had been drinking that night. Being a functioning alcoholic is no less dangerous, serious or unhealthy as being a non-functioning one. Being an alcoholic is nothing to joke about.

    Whether or not we see you on the next season of RHONY… just continue being you. People may love you or hate you, but as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

  11. Beyoncca said:

    I love you Jill. I’m tired of the bloggers, they seem to feel that Alex was ganged up on at the reunion. I wonder what show they were watching because all I saw was that fame monger Alex intercepting questions directed at Sonja and Ramona and hostilely answering them. How can you attack someone you don’t even address. I love when you brought up how left out Alex was, in regards to Sonja and Ramona’s fun times in Moracco. Kudo’s to you for rubbing Alex face in the fact that Ramona or Sonja couldn’t care less about Alex and it’s quite evident from the footage.

  12. Elizabeth said:

    I love watching you on RHONY, but this season seemed to show the downward spiral lives can take when they become driven by the camera. I think Ramona and Alex were the worst. Ramona’s demands for Pinot were clearly staged to promote her Pinot Grigio. Her behavior on the reunion show was frightening and I have to wonder if she didn’t take something before the taping. If she is worried about embarrassing her daughter, she had better hope Avery never sees those episodes. I believe Alex and Simon knew that had nothing worth viewing in their lives, so they decided to stir the pot in other people’s. Alex says you were talking behind others’ backs, but what was she doing to you when she went straight to Ramona after your focus group? The epitome of hypocrisy I say. They seem to love to focus on you to take away from their faults. You are human and you make mistakes. Keep up the great work and I hope we get to see you next season!

  13. LYNDA said:

    Ramona needs professional help, Alex is a poor trash wanna be, Sonja is a whore in a cocktail dress, Cindi doesnt belong, or so she thinks, LuAnn is so full of herself she is pathetic and a really bad singer-Kelly is just dumb, pretty but dumb

  14. Mveeluz said:

    Keep your circle of fabulous friends tight and leave the unsavory characters in the gutter.
    You have a wonderful life and I hope to see you very much involve in charitable endeavors. Go Yenta!!!!

  15. Samantha said:

    I started watching the show season one. I was attracted to the show not by the drama, but because it is neat to see the lives you girls live (which is so different from my Texas life). I do not like to say mean things about people but come on! Alex is a wanna-be! Hello? Did everyone forget Simon and her in season one? She makes me so mad the way she acts like such a victim. Can’t stand her as a person and she almost makes me want to stop watching the show. Sonja let me down this season. I did like her but she comes off as Ramona’s side-kick who can’t think for herself. It seems that Ramona likes the under dog. I think Ramona does not like it when someone else is doing better than her in any area of life. Like her daughter saying that her parents are never home and then she puts down Lu Ann. Really? She loses all credibility for that one. Ramona was acting so bizarre one the reunion show. I was team brunette 100%. Anyways, if for some reason you do not do the show again, I will not watch it.

  16. Samantha said:

    as Ramona’s little side-kick. I guess Ramona likes the under dog. Ramona made herself look so bad at the reunion. She was acting so bizarre and embarrassing. Like when she broke out I watch the show for you. I almost stop watching it because of Alex. She is such a wanna-be. Hello? Does anyone remember season one? Sonja is disappointing this season and she comes offwith that crazy laugh after Alex made a rude comment to someone. Crazy! I was team brunette the whole way. You were very classy. I also enjoy Lu Ann, Kelly and Cindi. Lu Ann is a good friend and Alex can not say anything about her starting drama because it seems as though everyone got into with her except for Ramona and Cindi. I am done with her too and like I mentioned, I almost want to stop watching the show because of her. I wish the best for you JZ and I am looking forward to seeing whats next for you.

  17. Carole said:

    Hi Jill, you are my favorite NY Housewife!!! I’m definitely all about the brunettes, the blondes are just too out there for me.
    Ramona is just mean, she intentionally stirs up crap and then gives that wide eyed startled look that she thinks is sexy, but reminds me of a deer glaring into head lights, and Sonja is so self absorbed.
    I think you throw yourself out there and give advice, maybe not always appreciated, but I believe you always mean it with a very open and loving heart.
    Please keep being yourself and don’t let those that are jealous make you feel bad, The Countess will let you know when you need to lighten up, she’s just a jewel and Kelly will let you know if your being “weird” Love you guys, keep going strong!!!

  18. hcb said:

    I love you on the show. You are fabulous. I agree with Lynda, Alex is poor trash and Ramona needs help, and poor Sonja really is starting to look desperate. Where exactly does Alex model? I have never seen her pictures anywhere (thank goodness). I guess she will never model in the UK with their ban on photoshopping….

  19. Linda Zoppa said:

    It was a real education to watch the reunions…of course this was probably taped months ago. I just moved to CT from NY and have wanting to visit your fabric store again…thgis time 200 pounds thinner and with no surgery….my gift to me is to go back to sewing. My weight loss gave me the opportunity to do a taping/lunch with Bethany…it was good to meet her…I hope you two get back together.
    I look forward to your new line in September…I think you have become more wiser this season…I also am disturbed with Simon and Alex…crazy about Sonia and Ramona….don’t enjoy Kelly, Cindy, and somethimes Luann. I love your daughter…and enjoy seeing you with her and am crazy about Ginger…keep pressing the good values you have….

  20. Debbie said:

    I was so proud of you and all the Brunettes. You showed so much class. The Blondes has once again shown why everyone enjoys Blonde jokes. Keep up the great work, I for one hope to see you again on the housewives.

  21. Alexa said:

    Jill i know you are still upset with Romana but sometimes you just have to let things go and move on with your life. Alex has found her voice now, so let her speak her mind and dont get mad about it. Luanne is just amazing. I truely do like her. She is the peace maker. Jill just keep looking towards the future with your hubby and be happy with the amazing friends that you do have. Good luck with your Skweez line:)

  22. Stacey said:

    Jill you are my favorite housewife. I hope you and Bethenny get back together and are on another show together!!

  23. lovescad said:

    Jill, I doubt that you have the time to read replies or reply to them. But here’s my .02cents worth.
    You have what the other ‘wives’ want…a stable loving marriage. 1)My hope for you is that you are fully aware of your blessings and that you protect your home and marriage.
    2)Some people are toxic and like any toxin it is best to avoid them. Ramona is toxic, not just to you but to everyone and especially herself. Her situation is sad…but no less toxic. She is completely blind to anything except her wine. More times than I care to remember I have seen people that are like and behave like Ramona….the outcome has never been positive. It is impossible to help them (it is entirely up to her to help herself and she won’t until she hits rock bottom) and trying to argue or converse is out of the question as they will always be the victim. Best to smile and say nothing.
    3)Alex is a wannabe. She wants to be pretty, intelligent, etc…she wants, wants, wants. She will never attain her goals because wannabes never do. Their lives are illusions. Sadly Alex is empty, most likely has always been empty. Alex is toxic and so is Simon, that’s why they chose each other. Sad for her children. But again smile and say nothing.
    4)Sonya once had the world by the tail. She was beautiful with a bright future. She is pitiful, a victim of her own choices. Not toxic, but not fried material.
    5)Cindy is bright and dedicated to her own life. Exactly as she should be.
    6)LuAnn is wonderful as she is and has a good heart. She does not need to be the Countess, but she earned the title and as long as she wants to use it…it’s hers. She is a good person and mother who I believe should be fully enrage with Ramona’s outrageous accusations toward LuAnn and her children (yet another example why Ramona should be avoided…in her mental illness she will hurt anyone including children.
    7)Kelly has not yet fully come into her own. Her best is in her future. Unlike, Ramon, Alex, and Sonya…Kelly did not peak to early in her development as a human being. She is a good and kind person and absolutely a friend to you and LuAnn.

    This has been a bit wordy, but my best to you. Keep your focus on Bobby and smile, but don’t respond to the evil doers.

  24. lovescad said:

    Sorry for the misspelling.
    Sonya is not ‘friend’ material.
    LuAnn should be ‘enraged’ by Ramona’s remarks…but the remarks are par for the course with her disease.

  25. Carmella Vest said:

    I just want to say,I do admire you for the life you and Bobby have created.On the “THE NANNY”they say Jewish men make the best husbands.Bobby is proof of that.The way he embraces you when you are at events is so sweet.And Ally is absolutley beautiful.Now the question?When in life is there a I’M NOT GOING TO BE A BULLY ANYMORE?
    That is all it is amongst some of the ladies.Over age bullies.And when Ramona gets backed into a corner she bites,and lashes out at whoever it is,and does not make any difference who is hurt in the end.Her poor little girl is going to get caught in this somehow,and she will be hurt.Doesn’t her friends talk about her at school,and the stupid things her mother does? What about the other kids and their friends?Noone has ever heard of their difficulties.I do have one thing to say about the cheating thing.Under no circumstances should ANYONE say anything to anyone about their cheating spouse,especially even if heard in their circles.That is noones business,like you said about you going to AA,that ranks in the same category.And since none of you are REALLY true friends anyway.That mess in Morocco was just bunk,the psychic.Noone knows how good she was to begin with.They just cause trouble between people.If you had went to John Edward maybe there would have been some validity.
    Looking forward to seeing you next season.

  26. Carmella Vest said:

    OOPS!I did forget something.Alex is now finding her voice,BUT,I don’t think she has one at home.That is why she breaks out into hives,when she is with the girls.I do question her child rearing,as her little ones have NO MANNERS at all.All she and Simon can do is worry about the rest of the world and not what is at home.I think some really need serious counseling..Just like one of the NJ housewives,with the tremendous ANGER and jealousy issues.Looks like BRavo would maybe suggest it but I guess there would be no show for them if they did.
    Oh,and the “CLASS” word that is banned from their house!Well,let me tell you,when she was telling someone that she was on the internet looking for a one night stand?Good GOD how classless was that.Does she know how whore-ish that makes her look?Where is the class,or human decency in that?
    And where is human kindness and just plain old politeness?Why would you go to someones house and demand they have something just for you?Unless medically necessary.The audasity.
    If someone doesn’t have something you want just politely say thanks anyway and I have tea or lemon water.They need to come to TEXAS and get manner lessons from a true granny,and see how much their lives would improve.Thanks for listening again…Have a lovely summer and try not to cry too much when little baby girl,goes to school.

  27. Anthony said:

    Jill, please don’t leave RHWoNY

    While I watching your interactions with Romana, I can’t help but thinking of a phrase I heard long ago,

    “never get in a fight with a pig, you’ll both end up looking filthy – and the pig loves it”

  28. jennnifersays said:

    You are the only housewife I can relate to! yes, you sometimes get caught up in the drama, but we ALL do!. You also have an incredible husband and are blessed! Please stay for another season!

  29. ellenRHWMS said:

    Jill I have always liked you and if we were ever to meet I think we would be friends. You seem to try and come from a good place and you like to help people – nothing wrong with that at all. But, why do you keep subjecting yourself to people like Ramona and Alex? I think at this point I would have to walk away from the show. These two vultures have completely gone crazy and just want to make you miserable and hurt you. I dont know what has gotten into them, but Ramona was shown constantly drinking this season and instead of standing up and saying look thats how the show highlighted me and I am mad over it, she had no problem with it. And Alex, well Alex is now the mean girl, I guess she didnt get enough camera time in the past (more went to Simon in the beginning) so now she is sticking her nose everywhere so she is in the spotlight. You and the other ladies seem to be yourselves and “real”. I love Cindy, Countess luAnn and Kelly. Sonja I am still on the fence about because I think she plays all sides to her own benefit and I do not like how she treated Cindy at all. I would love to see you with your own show. Of course one of the vultures will say you wanted your own show cause Bethenny has her own show but who cares. I think you are a working woman, with a great family (by the way Bobby is one heck of a hubby to approach Simon and nip it like he did) and it would be great to see a show with just your family. I wish you the best and will say a few extra prayers for you to have patience during the next season… take care..from a Real Housewife of Mississippi

  30. JennieD said:

    U may not be my favorite but u do hit a point w Ramona & I TOTALLY agree w u!!! My husband n I said from season 1 that she had a problem.. She also is ADHD and they too go hand-in-hand even more so w her because Alocholism is in her family.
    Ramona also knows what AA is and by her reaction (watch closely) someone else has said the same things and I’m bettin..her daughter.
    Those in AA know that it is confidential and those who have accepted the program tell people themselves now a days do anyone not going for help because of what she did are not ready for help and those who ate gaining to help a love one feel the same.
    Please just remember, one day she is gonna need help and with the history you have together you are gonna hav to be there…
    Good luck w all if your adventures especially learning to live w Ally so far away…

  31. Pat said:

    Jill, first time to blog anyone..I just adore you! And have a few things I would like to say. First of all I was less than thrilled at the fact that bethenny truly did you wrong an she seemed to know it until people began to blame you. Then she suddenly turned to victim an rode that wave quite well. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for her to find love an have a child but I did lose a lot of respect for her over it. I have never watched her show due to this. Then it appeared that Ramona and Alex took advantage of the situation by riding that same “Jill is such a mean person” wave. They have yet to stop,grow up an take a hard look at themselves. I can hardly stand to watch either one of them anymore. They are crazy, selfish an have no idea what being a true human being or friend really is. Yet you beat yourself up all last year over bethenny an they made sure to keep it going. You were owed a big apology. Ramona seems to bully you quite easily…I don’t get that but would love to see you just stay away from them. Ramona is evil an Alex (whom I used to like) has found a voice that does not serve her well…they seem to enjoy trying to keep you in constant defense mode while enjoying every minute of it. I love who you are…your honesty and ability to be humble are very endearing. Please hang in there an know that your heart is in the right place. This is far more valuable than ramona’s wine or Alex’s new found voice. It was also a pleasure to watch Bobby confront simon…gotta love Bobby! Lots of people love and respect you…..just wanted to let you know I’m one of them.

  32. Katy said:


    I have always been a fan of yours since I started watching the show and with the strange behavior from Alex and the unrelenting craziness of Ramona this season, it feels like you are the only ‘real’ housewife that stays true to herself!! You have changed for the better but still remain your charming, funny, and good natured self. I hope you will remain on the show but really, don’t let Ramona get to you–misery loves company. You’re a real sweetheart. Love from Chicago.

  33. Mark said:

    Hi Jill…I really enjoy watching you and the other NY ladies on Bravo (well, most of them!) Obviously I don’t know you intimately, but I think I’m a pretty good read on people. You come across as a straight shooter who doesn’t mince her words. You seem to try and make the best of some not so great situations, but you’re not afraid to speak up when certain people aren’t owning up to the things that they are putting out there. I really respect you for owning your triumphs as well as your mistakes. You’re obviously a very savvy business woman, and I wilsh you great success with all your current and future ventures. Thanks for keeping it real!

  34. Mary from Jersey said:

    I just read in the New York Post that you might not be coming back next season! No Jill, No show! Please tell me that you will resign, dump Alex and Simon!

  35. Suzanne from Houston, Texas said:

    Hello Jill! I think you are great. Please come back next season. I just want you to know that I believe you have changed, but I believe that Ramona knows how to push your buttons and then you get furious. Ramona is nothing but a drunk and she needs help. If Alex and Sonya were her friends the would talk to her about it. I just really think you need to ignore Ramona’s comments and be the bigger person no matter how hard it is because she will bring you down to her level. I love you Jill and have the best life with that wonderful husband of yours and forget about Romana.

  36. Mveeluz said:

    Hey there Jill, I am sure that the past 2 days, with the tragic news from BHills, the RH franchise has been all over the front line. It’s actually BAD, very Bad publicity and the desperate ones of the casts, will exploit this attention.
    This is when the ‘decent’ characters are going to be seperated from the ‘desperate’.
    I am positive that the social climbing Vankempens, who are struggling to market their wares for financials, will haang themselves to dry. Wait and see, TLC has already cancelled K + 8 to our BIG CHEER. Same thing with B Evr After and A+S and RS, they will fall. KARMA.

  37. nycgirl56 said:

    Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth. 🙂

    Love your hilarious snarky remarks. You tell the truth; you know when to apologize; you know when you’re wrong. You have a warm heart, strong character and a woman who knows who she is and what she wants. On the shoe, love your hair tips, skin tips, Botox tips, clothing tips, – you name it!

    You are a multi-dimensional person. Ramona’s shallow and a one-dimensional person. She’s insecure and proud. Her mouth is not always connected to the brain. (Most of us do that at one time or another). What she did was uncalled for; she was being defensive because she didn’t like hearing the truth. Friends tell friends the truth. You struck a cord in her, so somewhere, she knows her friends might be right.

    Alex is misunderstood. Her heart’s in the right place. Her intentions are basically good. She opens her heart to people feeling distress. I feel she fell for Ramona’s sob stories and whining. I would like to see you make amends with Alex because I believe in you both. Work it out if you can.

    Cindy is too whiney; Sonia is shallow, materialist and weird; Kelly is okay, but can weird out sometimes; Luann can be a pisser and I like her common sense approach to situations. So you see, you are the only normal NYC housewife! LOL. But, truly I love all the Housewives just the way they are, or I wouldn’t watch the show! Can’t wait for season two! 🙂

  38. Kat said:

    Hi Jill…. Keep being the way you are. You are an inspiration. You & Bobby are awesome together. I wish you much success and so hope that you do decide to return to the show. Pay no attention to the Ramonas of the world as they have “issues” that make them act the way they do. It’s their problem not yours. You ARE the REAL in the RHWNY. Much love & respect from Kat in Couer D’Alene Idaho

  39. meera said:

    JILL! I love you, and even if Alex and Ramona don’t get you, you’re the better person and who cares if they don’t. You’re a true character and your own person. RHW would not be the same without you. I love your dog Ginger…she shouldn’t loose weight cuz she is perfect and cute. Anyway…hope all is fabulous!

  40. deedee said:

    Jill – I appreciate the true elegance you apply to every situation. Whether it is advice, shopping, relationships, home-life; it’s always real. You are wealthy and comfortable but not ostentatious in your displays. I wish you the best of luck with your brand and new lines!
    PS – love your mom too! I am sure she contributed a lot to who you are.

  41. JessieAnn said:

    You are a great wife, mama& dtr!!! Love ya! Forget about Ramona . When her liver gives out she can go the way of all drunks.. Hospice! She is job security for some very nice nurses. Only she can save herself. You on the other hand have lots of Blessings and i love to watch you. Maybe Bravo can do an intervention for her- now that would be great- andy can do itat his club house and the word can be “liver” or renal shut down while he tells everyone to drink.