Tonight is our Red Carpet Premiere

Tonight is our Red Carpet Premiere and someone ( who shall remain nameless) called and woke us all up at 7AM! ( Ally is old enough to get ready and go to school without help anymore). So now it will be an even longer day. Already this week has me on the run. Yesterday , […]

Season 2 is almost here!

I can’t believe I have spent the entire weekend trying to find a new dress and I think I will end up wearing one I own (only 2 months old) to the Premiere. I tried on 20 dresses with Bethenny and Ally yesterday. Here are a few…Please note the spectacular stockings and shoes!

Join me on Facebook!

There are so many ways to communicate on the internet aren’t there? I am reworking my website, but in the meantime..the easiest way to see what I am doing and pictures are on Facebook. I also love I will have my own page there shortly where you can vote on my clothes! Let me […]