Please Help The People Of Nepal

Hello, I would like to send Bobby, Ally and my deepest sympathies to the people of Nepal who have lost their lives, loved ones, and homes due to the catastrophic earthquake and its aftershocks. We also send our prayers to the people killed and injured in the avalanche on Mt. Everest. It seems unimaginable that […]


Introduces Passover products to kitchens across the country Like Jewish households everywhere Jill Zarin is gearing up for the upcoming Passover holiday (eve of April 3rd – April 11th). This year, Jill is focusing on the 90-year old family-owned Streit’s brand, which has very much been a part of the Passover celebration over many decades.  […]

Our Trip To Antarctica Part 2

Even though we’ve been home from our trip to Antarctica for a few weeks, I am still going through all of the pictures. The beauty is so astonishing I have to share them with you. I hope you enjoy! Jill XO Birds of Antarctica Whales Seals Penguins Icescapes  

Millionaire Matchmaker Update!

Everyone has been asking about Allyson’s date on Millionaire Matchmaker so here is an UPDATE!! Thank you all so much for your kind words to Allyson on social media and in person. Everyone has been so supportive and complimentary about how she handles herself, and her confidence was inspiring for young women in the same position […]

Our Trip To Antarctica In Words And Pictures

Our trip to ANTARCTICA was nothing short of incredible. The trip of a lifetime is an understatement. My obsession with ANTARCTICA started after taking a cruise to Alaska. The serenity of the “Blue Ice” and glaciers haunted me. It was my mission to convince Bobby to take me on a 4 day trek to literally […]