I'm online to watch NJ….want to blog?

GOOD NIGHT! ¬† Joe is so cute..don’t you want to squeeze him? ¬†Danielle acting innocent now? Like she did nothing wrong. Did she just said gangbanged ¬† Book of contradictions! HAH! So what…she told about book. They hate her. Danielle accept they hate you. What are you proving. Jaqueline was on wrong side of this. […]

I have the best TRAVEL Professional in the WORLD!

Ok..I rarely do this…and am not getting paid in case you think I am. Many of you ask me who to go to for hair, beauty stuff, clothes etc…Glen from PROTRAVEL is the best I have ever worked with. His name is Glen Litwak at 212-409-9579. You should see the crazy emails he sends with […]

I've been a bad girl!

I haven’t blogged in a while! I have a column on hamptons.com ( and I am LAAATTEE!) and writing a book ( yes….with Gloria and Lisa)..working more than ever and trying to be a good mother and wife that I have not blogged here. So sorry and will update soon! Love, Jill

Thank you to all the Sponsors

Bravo couldn’t give me enough space to thank all the people connected to our charity event last October 22, 2008. Thank you to Hudson Terrace for hosting the event and tenting the space for us for no charge. Elegant Affairs gave us a discount and had delicious food with amazing presentation. I feel badly Bravo […]